Whitesburg KY

Insurance wires crossed

I am always interested in reading articles about Kentucky and thoroughly enjoy browsing through The Kentucky Explorer magazine. Recently I ran across an article about the old Hignite house, which used to sit around the hill a ways, close to the old Blackey Grade School.

The article brought back a lot of memories because I remember the house too, and some of the kids at school used to say it was haunted. I guess in part because nobody ever came about the old house.

But I do remember a family living in the old house for awhile. The house itself had that weather beaten look about it, like it had never been painted since it was built, and it sure didn’t have an air of welcome about it. It was downright drab looking.

I don’t know what became of the old house, but I would venture to say that it went the way of half the houses in Blackey. They went up in smoke, especially if the insurance wires got together.

At least that is what a former neighbor of mine used to say if a house burned. Although it was just a saying he had, in a lot of instances I would say he was right. Money will make people do about anything, no matter if it is wrong, both legally and morally.

Now that the devil has gotten so many people’s mind poisoned with his soul bait they don’t even place any value on human life, and certainly not sentimental things.

As I have stated before, people will sell their soul to the devil for a few pills or a bottle of evil spirits. Once the devil gets them hooked our laws mean nothing to them, not even God’s law, and certainly not something as small as a social norm.

But if we are to survive we must live by all of them, especially the laws of God.

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