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Internet brings cushaw recipes

Hello everyone, how was your Thanksgiving? I hope everyone had a good meal with all your favorite food. Most of all I hope you had family or friends to spend time with.

Two of my daughters invited me for Thanksgiving dinner, but I declined as I wasn’t feeling good.

It is the first Thanksgiving they are without their dad, so I thought it was best for me not to be there as they needed time to adjust. Besides, I have spent so many Thanksgivings alone, what is one more?

To be honest I enjoyed the day by watching Hallmark movies. I did try eating solid food, which was a mistake.

Christmas will be here in a month, and if God is willing and I am still here, I will get through that holiday too.

If I had been feeling good, I would have been at Whitesburg Motel, spending Thanksgiving with my niece and nephew, Mart and Sue Hall, as I know Sue had enough food to feed an army, and maybe the navy too.

I remember a couple of years ago she even delivered a care package to someone so they would have a homecooked Thanksgiving dinner.

How are you handling this time change? I love it getting daylight early, but I don’t like it getting dark at 5:30 in the evening. I would like to know why people have to mess with things? What is the benefit to keep changing the time anyway?

Southern Ohio

Vicki Power gave me a cushaw. It had been so long since I had even thought of preparing one to eat that I had forgotten how Grandma Rosa Hall fixed them, and I don’t remember Mommy fooling with cushaws or any kind of squash.

I turned to this contraption called a computer, and of course Facebook. I put a post asking for hillbilly cooks to help me. I must say I enjoyed the response

I should have gotten in touch with Larry Roark, as he puts such great pictures of food that he prepares that he starves me by looking at them. Larry’s way of fixing cushaw along with several others brought back memories of Grandma.

One person from Indiana suggested that I grind it up for hogs to eat. I replied that evidently he wasn’t raised in the mountains where food was not wasted.

There were several suggestions for cushaw pie! Now I have never tried that, but I may try it sometime. Lisa Bush asked if I had ever fixed cushaw custard.

I’ve cooked fresh pumpkins and made pies, but the hull is so hard to peel. I hear that canned pumpkin is not real pumpkin that you buy.

I am going to fix it and take Ann Calihan some, as it has been a long time since she has eaten cushaw also.

My sympathy goes out to the Amburgey family from Roxana, as once again they lost a family member. As I was sorting through some old papers, just about this same time last year the Amburgey family was going through the same loss.

I remember so many of the Amburgeys from my childhood years at Roxana, and going to school at Mill Branch. I had to pass Manuel and Laura Amburgey’s on the way to Mill Branch School. Junior and Bernice Adams owned the store at Roxana.

I must say I have experienced something that has taught me a hard lesson, not to take someone at face value, and not to believe lies when you know it is lies. There won’t be anymore using me, or free rides. Some people needs to get a mask to wear, as there sure are a lot of two-faced people.

I also believe going to church every time the door opens makes no more of a Christian, than me walking in my garage makes me a mechanic.

I am a firm believer God sees all, and I am glad He knows my heart.

Saturday was a stormy day in the Ohio Valley area, with strong winds. Vicki Power and I decided to take an adventure anyway, bracing for the elements of the weather. We had made plans for a couple of weeks to go to the Opry Barn at Metamora, Ind. James White and Deer Creek were performing there. It has been a few years since I’ve been able to go see this band, due to my illness.

Of course once again James stepped off the small stage and asked me to dance. This has been a tradition for James to do for almost 20 years that I’ve known him. I used to dance with James and his wife Bertha. When Bertha was unable to travel with him, James would call my name over the speaker inviting me to come dance with him.

Just after I had my heart bypass, which he didn’t know I had, he asked me to dance, and of all things James just had a hip replacement. We didn’t get to dance the whole dance. You better believe we danced the complete dance last night. I must say my heart was beating as fast as a jet engine when we were finished.

There’s usually a house band, but because of the bad weather the only musicians were James White & Deer Creek. As they were practicing behind stage the audience could hear. So I, along with a few others, teased them into coming on stage to do their warm up, which meant the band played over three hours of wonderful music.

On the drive to Metamora, I almost turned around as it rained so hard I was guessing to see the lines of the road. On the way home, the rain had ceased somewhat, but with the glare from oncoming traffic it was horrible trying to drive. Thankfully we made it back home safe and sound.

My sympathy goes out to the family of Bill Ison, who is originally from Roxana. Bill Ison had made his home in Mt. Caramel, Ind., for many years. Bill was the brother of Ann Calihan. My heart breaks for Ann as she and Johnny are going to miss Bill very much.

Bill was married to Jean Ison, who was a sister to Polly Ison Maucher. Bill had taken a bad fall a few weeks ago. As he was recovering from the fall, his heart started acting up. He wasn’t strong enough for surgery so he was sent to a rehab and was looking forward to going home. I don’t have all details of his children, just let it be known how much Bill meant to me.

Bill was able to attend our last Letcher County Picnic in September. We have lost so many since we first started this Letcher County Picnic. Please keep everyone in your prayers.

Mike and Marcia Caudill spent Thanksgiving weekend with Mike’s mother, and I’m sure everyone had a great time together.

I am looking forward to seeing pictures of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

If there’s anyway possible I may try to return to the mountains to see Santa Claus, as to me he really makes Christmas special, and makes me feel the Christmas spirit that I never had as a child.

I’ve only experienced this feeling two times in my life seeing someone dressed in a Santa suit. Byron Rupp, who owned the Harrison Bakery, would put his Santa suit on every year for so many years I can’t remember.

I would take the children, yet it was me who came away filled with joy, as yes, I almost believed in Santa. Until I saw the pictures of Mike Caudill in that red suit, I’ve never felt the Spirit of Christmas.

My daughter Kay is having a procedure done. Kay had a black spot to appear on her back, so she went to the doctor who sent her to a dermatologist. They did a biopsy and it is skin cancer.

It’s not the dangerous kind, but she has to have it removed. It is a four-hour procedure, as they will remove sections and biopsy, and continue until they are sure they have all the cells.

The procedure will be done in the doctor’s office. Kay said I didn’t have to be there, but oh yes I do. Please remember Kay in your prayers.

Thanks for the beautiful Thanksgiving cards.

Well, I have a busy day so I better get started.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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