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Irene Day celebrates 86th birthday

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hoping all had a good week.

I am behind on my article, so I will try to cover everything in this one.

School will be starting this week. Not sure if the kids are ready. I am sure most of the parents are.

Late happy birthdays to Charles Day, Mike Dobson (16 years old), Lisa Honeycutt and Autumn Renee Hensley (6 years old), all on July 31.

Lovell Banks Sturgill died three years ago on Aug. 3. Still missed by all who knew her.

We lost another former Cowan resident. Jack Dean Sumpter died July 25 in North Carolina. He is survived by daughter Jackie of Cowan, a sister, Joyce Fields of Jacksonville, N.C., and a brother, Dell Vertrice Sumpter of Ocean Beach, North Carolina.

He was preceded in death by parents Henry and Nannie Sumpter, and a brother, Virgil. Our sympathy goes to the family.

Late happy birthday to Diana Boggs Gilley and Ellen King, on Aug. 5, and my aunt Irene Day, who turned 86 on Aug. 6.

Kim and Roger Hoskins were married nine years on Aug. 6. Congratulations.

I saw R.C. Day, Jack Burkich, Carl Boggs and Jack Frazier at Dairy Queen recently. Not sure which one was telling the biggest story, but my bet was on R. C. Day, because he sure can tell them.

I went to Hemphill and saw Will Caudill and Cross Country Bluegrass and Carl Boggs stopped by. Good to see him.

Then I went on to the Country Cabin on a Saturday night. I won a loaf of zucchini bread and it was really good. Then to church on Sunday to a great service.

Keep all the miners and their families in prayer. Lots of them got laid off and are really in need of prayer.

Happy birthdays this week to: Emily Jones on Aug. 8; Destiny Maggard, 14 years old, and Logan Dollarhide 18 years old, both on Aug. 9; Brandon Wilson, Aug. 11.

Kathy Wolfe, Aug. 12, will be 61 years old. Love you, sis, you’re catching up with me.

Pam Fields Taylor, Taylor Giddins will be 21 years old, David Tyler will be 61 years old, all on Aug. 12.

I went back to Hemphill this past week to hear Will Caudill and Route 7. First time I had heard them. I enjoy bluegrass, country and gospel music.

Two of my favorite groups are Cross County Bluegrass and Dawson Creek. Cross Country will be there Aug. 15, and Dawson Creek on Aug. 22.

I saw Imogene Sexton and she was having a good time.

Stopped by Pine Mountain Grill on Saturday. Ran into Tom and Debbie Wright, C.T. Wright and his friend Elsie, Kathleen Brock, Glenda and Richard Brown.

My sympathy goes to the family of Gertrude Combs and the Breeding family for this losses this past week.

I heard that Danny Quillen’s mother, Betty died. My sympathy to the family.

Well folks, time has come and gone. Need to get this out.

Keep someone in prayer and God in your heart. Until next time, have a good week.

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