Whitesburg KY

Irene Day marks 85th birthday

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Here we go into August already.

School will be starting soon. Hope all the kids have enjoyed their wet and hot summer. Only a few more months and winter will be here. Oh, mercy.

Sorry to hear about David Cornett Jr. and Inez Day dying. I did not know them personally, but knew some of their family. My sympathy goes out to the families.

Birthdays this week are; July 31, Charles Day, hoping he is keeping the people at Whitco in line, and Autumn Renee Hensley will be five years old. She is a granddaughter of Bobby and Rosa Bates. Happy birthday to both of them.

Others celebrating are Aug. 5, Ellen King, happy birthday; Aug. 6, Irene Day will be 85, happy birthday and I love you very much; Aug. 8, Emily Jones, daughter of Agnes Maggard and the late Bill Maggard, happy birthday; Aug. 9, Destiny Maggard will be 13, happy birthday.

Roger and Kim Hoskins will celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary on Aug. 6. Congratulations to them.

Lovell Sturgill died two years ago on Aug. 3. She is still missed by all who knew her.

So sorry to hear about the young man, Shawn Roark, of Kingscreek getting killed in a traffic accident on Saturday. I knew both of his parents, both of whom are deceased. My sympathy goes out to his family and friends, and also prayers go out to the others involved in the accident.

We need to have a special prayer for Destiny Maggard and her parents, Carla and Tony Maggard. They will be going through some trying times in the next few months.

Late birthday wishes to Mona Fields Boggs for July 27. Happy 66th birthday to the old goat on Aug. 3 from the old bat!

Well, hope everyone has a great week. Keep someone in prayer — all of my family need prayer. Attend the church of your choice.

Until next time, may God bless.

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