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Irene Jent enjoys visit from great-grandson


I hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July and that the off-and-on rain didn’t hamper anyone’s get-together. We needed the rain since the weathermen say we are behind in our rainfall amounts and that our area may have drought worries again this year. On Saturday night, Don, Coreen, K.P. and Lana Pridemore, Bonita Adams, Liberty and Noah Campbell, and Bob, Hunter and I took our fireworks and went to the strip mine at the head of Doty Creek to shoot them. The boys enjoyed them and we could also see fireworks we thought were being shot from Vicco.

Our sympathy to the family of Vina Caudill who died last week. Her funeral was held on Sunday. She was a longtime member of the Tolson Creek Church and had recently fallen and had become a patient at Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

The Blackey Missionary Baptist Church will be having Bible School on July 17 and 18, from 6 to 8 p.m. and on Saturday, July 19, from 9:30 a.m. to noon. It will be taught by the same group they had last year and all children are invited to come.

Irene Jent was pleased to have a visit from her great-grandson, Ethan Combs, recently. His papaw, Johnny Combs, and Hazel Adams took Ethan over for a visit.

Larry, Sandy and Misha Hall spent most of last week vacationing at Charleston, S.C. They really enjoyed themselves and toured the beautiful area while there.

Estill Blair, Larry Blair, Nancy Carol Craft and Mary Helen Blair recently attended the funeral in Tennessee of their cousin, Dexter Polly. Dexter was the son of Lovell and Suzanne Polly. Also attending the funeral were Mitchell, Larry and Tonya Wright. Some of Venson and Ora Whitaker’s family had attended the visitation the evening before. They also were kinfolk.

After services Sunday at Mount Olivet Church, Jeff Mitchell of Red Star was baptized. He has been very ill but felt good on Sunday and all were happy for him.

It was good to see Elmer Caudill at church on Sunday. Elmer recently had open heart surgery but is recovering and is able to get out and about some.

The following is news from Shirley June Whitaker:

“Fifty-two people attended the reunion for the Silas and Martha Caudill family at Natural Bridge State Resort Park at Slade. Those attending were Mary and Eugene Shepherd and Shirley June Whitaker of Letcher County; Juanita Bledsoe and Jeff Shepherd of Indiana; Don and Ava Blair of Williamsburg, Ohio; Jim and Linda Whitaker of DelRay Beach, Fla.; Bob and Kim Haas with Jacob and Sarah of Batavia, Ohio; Jeffrey Caudill and girlfriend of North Carolina; Leon and Corye Caudill of Nashville, Tenn.; Tony and Karen Caudill with Nathan and Ellie of Nashville, Tenn.; Andrew Caudill with daughters Emily, Meredith, and Allison of Pittsburgh, Penn.; Jackie and Denise York with Zachary and Taylor; Kelsie Caudill with daughter Kamaya of Norfolk, Va.; David Caudill and son Chris, Bob and Katy Caudill of Houston, Tex.; Jackie and Pat Pigman of Somerset; Herbert and Charlene Caudill with Cynthia Caudill of Hamilton, Ohio; Lee and Rudell Caudill of Lexington; Arlie and Mary Grace Howard of Ohio; Thomas David Caudill and friend Julie of Atlanta, Ga.; Bob and Polly Caudill with Kate, Jessica, Andrew and friend Sue of Tennessee.

‘We had a great auction, which paid for an evening picnic, cookout in one of the shelters near the chairlift up to Natural Bridge. Jim Whitaker and Leon Caudill are great cooks. Several went on the ride up the mountain to Natural Bridge. On Saturday night, Leon and David Caudill played their banjo and guitar as we all sang along. Both nights we spent time at a recreational center near Hoedown Island. They had dancing there on Friday night but heavy rain caused them to cancel the square dancing on Saturday night. We finished off with breakfast in the dining hall of the lodge on Sunday morning.

‘We had a great reunion. We recognized the 62nd wedding anniversary of Eugene and Mary Shepherd on June 28. A special song was sung for their anniversary. We were especially glad to have Lee Caudill, Herbert and Charlene Caudill and Denise York after their illnesses for which they had been hospitalized in the last few months.

“The Whitakers met June 27 to 29. The descendants of Squire and Ida Whitaker, George and Annie Whitaker, Fred and Magnolia Whitaker and Lloyd and Deana Whitaker met at the old Stuart Robinson Campus, using the dining hall and the boys’ dorm for a reunion. Bill and Abby Ison of Middletown, Ohio have carried on the reunion for the last four years and have done a great job. On Saturday evening, they went to the Whitaker Cemetery at the head of Mill Branch, where ministers Elder Ellis Adams and Ila, Elder Robert Holcomb, Elder Wayne Smith and Joanne, Elder Elwood Cornett and Elder Merle Caudill held a service. It was much appreciated by the Whitaker family.

“After returning from the cemetery, Abby and her grandson, Dillon, carried on the auction which took care of the expenses of the reunion. After the auction, a meal was catered and everyone enjoyed a great meal. After the meal, they had a square dance called by Charlie Whitaker and music by Lee Sexton’s band. About 100 people attended including Woodrow Whitaker, James Whitaker, Ina Mae Ison, Phyllis Ann Gibson and husband Bing, Bobby Jack Whitaker, Bernard Whitaker and wife, along with many of some of their children and many of the children of some of their brothers and sisters who have passed away.

“Everyone reported having had a great time at the gathering. They all appreciate all Bill and Abby did in organizing and carrying out the family reunion. Bill is the son of Ina Mae Whitaker Ison and the late Hiram Ison Jr.”

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