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Irene Jent sporting cast, sling after a fall

Because of being on vacation last week, some of this is carried over from the week before last.

We recently saw Beulah Back with her son and grandson at Manchester. We were stopping for lunch and Beulah and her family had been to London looking for tractor parts and also stopped in Manchester for lunch. Beulah really appreciated all everyone did for her during the loss of her husband, Ray.

Ernie Caudill said the Caudills really had a good reunion. They all got together at the Stuart Robinson Dining Hall for a day of good food and family fun.

The Adams-Thompson-Blair reunion will be held August 3 and 4 at the Arthur and Helmer Adams Memorial Park, located on top of the hill in the head of Stillhouse Branch on Arthur Loop, off Blair Branch Road, where it was held for most of the 20 years they have been having the reunion. The annual vegetable and chili soup supper and church services will be held on Friday evening starting at 5:30 then at 6:30 there will be church service. The reunion supper will be held Saturday evening at 6:00. Everyone is asked to bring a covered dish, your own drink, chair and silverware. For more information, call J.R. Adams at 633- 1162 or Den Arthur Adams at (419) 399-5338.

We were saddened to learn that Howard Adams Jr. had died while we were on vacation. His funeral was held at the Blair Branch Church last week. He had been very sick for the last few months and his family and friends had been taking good care of him.

Irene Jent fell at home pulling weeds from the flower beds and broke her wrist. She was sporting a cast and sling at church week before last.


Recently Brad Collie joined the Blair Branch Church and was baptized on Sunday before the communion service. We were all happy for him and his family.

Sheila Holliman Fields lost her battle with cancer and died on Saturday. Her funeral was held at the Mount Olivet Church at Blackey, where a church house full of those who loved her came out to honor her memory and to love and support her grieving family. Sheila was a member of the Mount Olivet Church and our sympathy goes out to her family, especially the two little children she leaves behind.

She was only 34 years old and Autumn Rose and Elijah are so young they can’t really understand about her sickness and passing away. Every time we visited they wanted to go in the room and see their mother, not understanding how sick she was. They just knew they loved her and wanted to be near her. As any of us mothers know, one of your worst fears is to die while your children are young and not be able to raise them yourself and I’m sure Sheila felt the same way.

Only God knows when we will be called away and it’s hard to understand sometimes why a young, caring person like Sheila would be called away. She will be missed by so many. She was laid to rest at the Horse Mill Point Cemetery at Jeremiah, where her Adams side of the family are buried.

“Doolittle” Seals of Blair Branch, also lost a sister to death last week. She had been a patient at Letcher Manor and our sympathy to the Seals family, also.

Craig and Deb Dixon have moved into their newly built home at Sycamore Loop. Their trailer has been moved and it makes the new home show up better.

Since I don’t remember much more to write about and was out of town and didn’t hear much last week, I’ll give a short rundown of our vacation.

Liberty and Noah Campbell, Bonita Adams, Coreen Pridemore, Bob, Kenny Joe, Jessie, Hunter Banks and myself loaded up and went to Tybee Island, Ga., for a week at the beach. It was a good vacation but seemed to go by so fast. Kenny Joe spent his time fishing, Jessie took a couple of books to read and relaxed by the ocean, and Coreen enjoys walking and looking for seashells. Liberty, Bonita, Bob and I usually just try to keep up with Noah and Hunter, who swim, play in the sand, ride bikes, and, like most four- and six-year-olds, never seem to run out of energy.

We visited a nature preserve and zoo exhibit one day, which was nice, and drove to downtown Savannah and the mall one day. We were on two boats headed to seashell hunt on Little Tybee Island but a thunderstorm came up suddenly and the boats had to dock back on the mainland because of rain and severe lightning. By the time the storm passed, it was too late to go shelling. We had a good time that week but go held up a couple hours in a traffic jam on our way home Saturday.

K.P., Lana, Amber and April spent the week in Somerset as did Amber’s boyfriend and April’s husband, Sam. They had a good trip, too.

I saw a large crowd at Bascom McIntyre’s home over the weekend. It would say it was their annual reunion time.

It doesn’t seem like August could already be here, but time does fly.

Mamie Engle wasn’t feeling well over the weekend. We hope she’s better by now.

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