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Is everyone about ready for Christmas?

Southern Ohio

Kattelyn Nottingham (left) and Jessica Nottingham (right) are members of the Beechwood Marching Tigers Band.

Kattelyn Nottingham (left) and Jessica Nottingham (right) are members of the Beechwood Marching Tigers Band.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Is everyone ready for Christmas?

I sure hope you have more Christmas spirit than I do. It seems that I am in some kind of place and no matter how much I try I can’t get myself in a frame of mind to get anything prepared, then when I start something throws a roadblock and I am back to square one.

I did manage to get my tree upstairs from the basement. I have a little more to do to make it complete. As I opened the second container I found my angel that I have used almost 60 years. Usually when I place the angel then turn plug the tree up, feel the magic — it didn’t happen this year.

I can still remember when Jack and I bought the ornaments for our first tree, back then there weren’t any shopping centers. There was a grocery store, pharmacy, hardware store combined in North Bend, Ohio not far from where we lived. The store had about anything you needed, not just groceries. It had some beautiful Christmas ornaments, that is where we found the angel, strand of lights, a box of ornaments and of course a pack of icicles. Somehow I have kept the angel and a couple of ornaments after all these years.

Johnny and Ann Calihan admire the beautiful work the family did in decorating the house for Christmas, just before Harrison, Ohio received about four inches of snow.

Johnny and Ann Calihan admire the beautiful work the family did in decorating the house for Christmas, just before Harrison, Ohio received about four inches of snow.

I have a fake beam across the ceiling in my living room that I always decorate. As I was hanging the pre-lit garland, I plugged the garland into the outlet. Something told me not to do that, and sure enough as I was placing it on the hooks, the bulbs went out.

I researched on the computer where to find pre-lit garland, it said Lowes, so off I went, and of course they had nothing in the store. As I was driving back to Harrison, I thought of Big Lots. Now I haven’t been in Big Lots in several years. Well, this time I was in luck as there was one box left.

Now I have the beam decorated. I had to be really careful climbing on the ladder as not to bear weight on my ankle. Anyway, I got everything on the beam and it is beautiful. Now if I can get a couple more things done, maybe I will get in the Christmas spirit. There have just been too many things that have happened in the last few months for me to feel any kind of joy in anything I do.

I had planned to go to an event, Bluegrass in the Smokies at Pigeon Forge, which featured several bands, Larry Efaw & Bluegrass Mountaineer’s featuring Jack Adams on the banjo. With the weather prediction of snow I was too scared to attempt the trip, then of course another roadblock was thrown in my way, as my daughter Angie said she seemed to detect fumes coming from the exhaust in her car’s muffler system. I took Angie my Honda Fit, and brought her car to the house so Keith can fix it

I still have my old Cavalier, but I don’t want Angie driving it, although it runs good. So it will be a few days before Keith can get to it.

I hope that the Bluegrass Mountaineers play a little closer so I can see and hear Jack Adams pick with this group.

Saturday evening I had a surprise visit from my granddaughter Sarah Nottingham, along with her boyfriend Taylor. Here I am with several totes in my living room, Christmas stuff strewn all over, and Sarah called to ask if they could stop by. Taylor asked Sarah to marry him, so they wanted to come tell me in person, before anyone else could break the news to me. Sarah and Taylor are waiting until they both finish college before they set a wedding date. I’ve not been around Taylor that much, he is a very nice person.

The more we talked, Taylor informed me that he likes bluegrass music and square dancing. I told Sarah after they are married, I am going to kidnap him and take him with me, as Sarah isn’t crazy about either one.

Sarah is in her last year of college, and her sister Jessica graduates from high school this year also. Sarah is majoring in computer science, along with a couple of other things; Taylor might be also, as I forgot what he said.

Johnny, and Ann Calihan have never gotten back to feeling well, along with their daughter Sue Wagner. Their granddaughter Julie and her husband along with a couple of others came to Johnny and Ann’s to put up their Christmas tree along with other decorations as Johnny and Ann aren’t able to do it. I am going to drive by their house to see, as I know it is beautiful.

Sunday, the weather prediction said snow for the Ohio Valley area, I had a few errands to do so I got them done, and came home and fooled with the decorations. Keith had to work a few hours, so I prepared his supper. By that time I was exhausted. I had to lean back in the recliner, of course I fell asleep. When I finally woke up, to my surprise there were about four inches of snow. I must say it was beautiful. I teased Keith, asking if he wanted snow cream, of course he said yes. I tried a small amount and wished I hadn’t. Oh well, it tasted good going down.

Belated happy birthday to Buddy Grubbs Dec. 16, and Jack Adams Dec. 18. Buddy and Jack, sorry your birthday cards will be late.

Fr iday Campbell’s Branch Community Center will be having Kentucky Bluegrass Friends; food is available so come hungry.

Last Friday Sunrise Ridge had to cancel as a couple of band members were out of town. A group got together to play music. It was an awesome group with Will Caudill playing the guitar. Someone put a post of Christmas Time is Coming, my favorite of Christmas songs. All that was missing was Bordus Adkins with his floating feet to step off stage and dance.

Oh how I am looking forward to Carcassonne Community Center opening in March, weather permitting.

Hello, Les and Pat Wagner and all the extended family that is scattered.

Merry Christmas and I hope all enjoy time with your family and friends.

For those who have lost loved ones, please hold your memories in your heart. I wish there was something I could say to ease the heartache .

Thanks for the Christmas cards.

Well, I have a busy day ahead of me so I better get up and get started. Thanks to my son Keith who cleaned off my car in case I have to go out.

Until next time. Rose Ballard 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd Harrison, OH 45030 email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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