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Isom, Darlene Fields to mark 52nd anniversary

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing well.

Had a rough two weeks. Melinda “Kay-Kay” Daniel died from her cancer. She sure is missed. She was like a daughter to me. She and Mike had been together about six years. He is lost without her.

I have been sick since last Wednesday with allergies, sinuses, head cold, earache, sore throat. I had to miss church and I hated that, but did not want to pass this creeping crud to anyone else.

Big Cowan

Feels like the mumps all over again. I had it on both sides when I was little and it was no fun. Mike had a bad cough, also.

Keep both of us in prayer. We are both doing better.

Happy third birthday to Jesse Layne Sturgill on May 15; Rae Lynn Jefferson turned four on May 16; Kevin Day, Donny Ballard and Sandi Miles on May 17; Paula Maggard, Helen Scott Tolliver and Roger Hoskins on May 18; and Ella Maggard Pate on May 19.

In memory, Nicklas Clark Fields, son of Wendell and Hazel Fields, died three years ago on May 18. Nila Mae Turner died four years ago, May 19.

In prayer this week are Brack and Linda Sexton, Jessie Fay Combs, Eugene and Irene Day, Sonia Fields, Archie and Margaret Fields, Kathy and Eddie Wolfe, Melanie Combs, Charles Hammonds, Agnes Maggard, Marie Amburgey and Bobby Watts.

Sunday, May 17, I went to church and had a great service as always. Some new visitors that morning and I hope they enjoyed it and will return.

I have a new friend on Facebook. We have bonded like brother and sister. His name is Bobby Watts from Florence. He had put on Facebook that he loves his people and desires to move here one day soon. He has family on Campbell’s Branch. He loves the mountains. Wants to live here and learn about our mountain folk and the skills to live off the land.

So when he moves here, hope all of you make him feel welcome and help him with our culture. He is like my little brother.

He is a Christian and sees the beauty of the mountains from my perspective, and wants to be here.

Happy birthday Keith Adams on May 17. He is a brother of Glenda (Richard) Brown.

Birthdays this week: Patricia Large and Adams Sturgill, May 20; Jasmine Fields will be 23 and Micki Ratliff has a birthday May 21; Loretta Poling on May 22; Erica Demery will be 26, and Kenny Ray Harvey celebrated on May 23; Kylee Faith Gibson will be 4 on May 24; Emma Day Adams on May 25; Rose Ballard on May 27; Tommy Bockover will be 50 May 28; Joe Lee Maggard and Jessie Fields Combs on May 29; Georgette and Harry Sims’s granddaughter will be 13, and Carol Rayburn’s birthday, both on June 2.

Hoping all of you have a great day and enjoy.

Anniversaries: Isom and Darlene Fields of Morristown, Tenn., will be married 52 years on June 1; LeRoy and Joann Fields on June 3. Hope both couples have many more happy years together.

Sorry that I missed the memorial service for my neighbor, Richard Yinger, at his home last Saturday. I forgot about it until later. My sympathy goes out to his wife Pat and family.

Well folks, I am going to go for now. Stay safe, keep someone in prayer, may God bless you and yours.

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