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Isom Fields, Gid Fields turn 74

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! I was in Indiana last weekend so I did not have any news last week.

We went to Indiana on Thursday and stopped in Charlestown on our way to Greensburg to see my best friend from high school, Diana Richey Goedeker, and her husband John. Had a nice visit.

Keep John in your prayers. He has stage four cancer and was having a lot of pain in his chest and back. Since then he is having less pain and also started radiation.

The wedding ceremony on Friday was beautiful. Ashley and Redd seem to be very happy. After the ceremony they moved to Florence the next day. They rented a real cute house, which we saw on the way home.

Mike stayed in Indiana for a few days. Melinda really enjoyed herself. It was the first time she had been to Indiana. All of Mike’s friends really liked her. Mike’s friend, Virginia Meyers, fixed them a meat loaf dinner.

Melinda and I went to see Agnes and Anna Maggard in Columbus on Saturday while Mike and Chad helped with the moving.

We went to Reddington, Ind., to see James’s family, and then on to North Vernon to see Audrey and Charles. Their granddaughter Jessica Dobson Robinson was visiting from the other end of Kentucky. It was good seeing her.

Then we went back to Greensburg, stopped and walked around the fair. We were both tired by then. Went back to Chad’s and relaxed.

I really had a good time and needed a break.

Meanwhile, back at home, everyone did well while we were gone.

Late happy birthday to my Uncle Isom Fields, who turned 74 years young on July 14. Love you bunches.

Stacy and Steve Dollarhide had a wedding anniversary on July 14. Congratulations.

Brenda and Rick Williams were married two years on July 16. Happy anniversary.

My cousin, Gid Fields, turned 74 years young on July 18. Love you, cousin.

Late happy anniversary to Debbie and Mike Tyree on July 19; late happy birthday to Rick Dobson, who turned 50 on July 19; and also Wayne Turner who turned 51 on July 19.

Deidra Fields Gibson turned 23 on July 21; Irene and Eugene Day were married 63 or 64 years on July 21. Late happy anniversary to them, and I love them both dearly; their son Francis Day turned 60 on July 22.

In memorial this month: Frank and Jane Fishback were killed in an auto accident three years ago on July 12; my mother-in-law Mandy McInteer died 32 years ago on July 18, still missed by all of us who knew and loved her; my sister-in-law, the late Dana Brown, would have been 63, July 18.

Benny McIntosh died seven years ago on July 21. Miss you, Benny.

Happy first birthday to His Royal Highness George Alexander, the third in line to the throne, who was born July 22 to Katherine and Prince William.

Happy birthday to Leslie Callihan, who will be 32, and Mona Fields Boggs and Kim Stevens have a birthday, all on July 27.

Aubrey Nichole Gamble will be three years old on July 28. Happy birthday. Also, Trish Ison died three years ago on July 28, and is still missed by all.

Lee Day, a son of Kelsey and Kathy Day, returned from Korea recently. He has served 28½ years in the service with five tours in Iraq. He is only 46 years young. Thank you, Lee, for serving our country, and may God bless you.

Well, glad to see my granddaughter Michaela and her friend Emily. I met Chad in Lexington on Saturday and exchanged them for Mike, who had stayed on an extra week in Indiana to go to the Decatur County Fair. He had a good time.

The girls had a blast at Hemphill Saturday night. The older men taught them how to dance, and then they danced with a couple of young guys, Chris and Josh. All really enjoyed it, and they hated to go home.

My heart is saddened this week. A very important lady died Friday night, Mrs. Ella V. Preston. She was born Nov. 16, 1916, and died July 18. She was married to the late John Preston and had one son, Bruce, and his wife and a grandson, Michael. My sympathy goes out to all of them.

I think she taught all of us in school. I know she taught me first and second grade, and was my favorite teacher of all. She will be greatly missed.

After I moved back here I received several letters from her. She was living in Florence at the time of her death.

Please keep everyone in prayer this week. Attend the church of your choice and may God bless each and every one of you.

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