Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Isom has spook house

Cowan Creek

Hello all my rowdy friends. So hope all have enjoyed this fall- like weather.

I have seen some beautiful pictures posted on Facebook. Carla Smith of Cowan Creek has sure done an awesome job. She has taken a few classes and has great talent. Keep the post a’coming, next season is winter. Ugh! Not a fan.

Fredrick and Tiffany Eversole will be celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary on November 1. My, how time passes so quickly.

Martha and Mike Wenning of Ohio, spent the weekend at their cozy cottage on Cowan Creek. She will soon be celebrating her 60th birthday. Older than dirt, cuz. We all are invited to Ohio for a 60’s bash for her on November 8. Should be interesting. Hope to go. Shall see.

Isom has a spook house going on. Admission is $5; check it out. Hope it is an eventful event.

Prayers for the family of Casey Begley of Millstone. She is truly gonna be missed. Monday, the students were gonna wear some type of pink in her memory. Personally I did not know her, but she sure has touched many lives at LCCHS. A princess indeed. My granny said losing a child was the worse pain she had ever had. She lost two before passing at age 96.

Congratulations to Randy and Amy Combs of Ice, who recently got married. Our sweet Victoria Watts was in the wedding. They all looked beautiful.

Prayers for John Hopkins’s ma, Lorraine Stewart, as she goes to Lexington tomorrow for some more tests on her heart. Faye Campbell said they may have to replace a stent.

Happy Halloween. Watch out for the children, go slow, and pray for all to be safe on trick-or-treat. Until next time, just let ya love flow.

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