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Isons are like two teenagers in love


Hello, everyone, hope you are all doing well. We’ve sure been having some hot weather and some much needed rain.

I enjoyed Ike Adams’s news last week. I agreed with him, I would rather be in a hot schoolroom than in a hot cornfield hoeing corn. I could relate to a lot of the things he wrote.

I enjoyed visiting Sara and Clarence Ison on Saturday. I love going to their house. I think those two have found real love. There they sat holding hands and looking at each other like teenagers in love — I loved it! They had their yard looking so pretty. They have been working so hard.

Louise Shepherd and I visited Clyde at the Veterans Center on Friday. He is about the same.

I stopped on my way home and visited my friend, Pat Branham. She’s having health problems and needs everyone’s prayers. Also needing prayers are my cousins, Kern and Ruby Howard. She is recuperating from a badly broken leg and Kern is having health problems. Remember them.

I enjoyed a baby shower at the home of Aggie Hatton for her granddaughter, Cassie. It was good seeing and talking to Ralphie Adams and the rest of the folks there.

I was so sorry to hear of the death of Irene (Back) Brown. She was a sweet lady. I enjoyed visiting with her and Danola Andrews when Clyde was at Letcher Manor. I went up to see her two weeks ago and didn’t get to see her. They were doing something for her and before I could get back, her name was on the board at Letcher Funeral Home. My sympathy to all the family. I started first grade at Blackey with her sister, Joann (Back) Walters.

Jim Cornett, I certainly enjoyed your column last week. I knew all the places you talked about, Shagtown and the old Mill Dam. We took our sons fishing there and I remember our family taking corn to the mill pond to be ground into cornmeal. I played a lot of the games you wrote about. I had fights also. I was mostly fighting my little brother’s fights. Eddie Howard was real small and him being my little brother I had to take care of him. I had lots of friends then that I still have. We’ve kept in touch. I also went to Stuart Robinson School when I was small.

I remember Preacher Brewie Fouts and Bootleg and his brother, Aaron “Nosy” Adams, and the whole family. They were well liked by everyone and people will always remember them. I still remember where they lived; I’ve been to their house. They used to have church there.

Jim, please don’t get Alzheimer’s just to go back to 12 years old. Keep on being your age, finish your fifth book, and I’ll probably see you at Mountain Heritage and just maybe we’ll talk about old times, the way it used to be. I’m quite a bit older than you, so I’ll have more to remember.

Lizzie Mae Wright called to tell me Josephine Spangler, who comes to the Ermine Center, had been in a bad car wreck and was seriously hurt. She also said that Lennon Hammock is still not doing too well.

About 20 of the Ermine seniors went to Wise, Va., shopping and to a flea market and had a good time.

My son, Bill Hatton, will be having a birthday August 19 and my granddaughter, Rocki (Hatton) Hill of Lexington, will have one on August 28. Happy birthday, you two!

Emma Lou Engle and Rose Ballard, I read your news so much I feel like I know all about you. Rose likes bluegrass music and her family, and Emma Lou likes cooking, making quilts and all kinds of things and her family. I’m glad you say hello to me sometimes.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

A big hello to my friend, Roberta Willie. She had her brother, Roland Brown, and wife Ruth Ann visiting her last week in Roanoke, Va., and enjoyed it very much.

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