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Isons enjoy family get-together

Southern Ohio

Merry Christmas everyone!

With Christmas being a few days away, I sure hope everyone has been good so Santa will stop to see you.

I feel like Scrooge this year as I haven’t decorated at all. I managed to put a small tabletop tree up, but it looks so icky I am thinking of taking it down.

I can’t seem to get in the Christmas mood and stay there no matter what I do. If someone mentions the word depression one more time, I might scream so loud you can hear me to Timbuktu. Sometimes you can be bogged down with things and it has nothing to do with depression. I’ve overstressed while doing too much plus some minor health issues.

Thank goodness I am still able to go. When I get disabled to drive that will be the end for me.

Doyle and Betty Ison had a wonderful get-together with all their family. It seems this is getting to be a difficult thing to do with families.

Les and Pat Wagner are trying to hang on. Pat has been very ill, and I think she is copying after me. I really hope Pat is feeling better.

Hello to Polly Hasty and family. My heart is aching for everyone. Please know the family is in my thoughts.

I never hear anything from Jonny and Ann Calihan so I assume they are doing alright.

James and John Ison, I know you boys have been good so Santa will be stopping see you and your lovely sister.

My daughter Angie Wiederhold and my little sidekick Benny have been going to Harrison Nazarene Church so they get to see the Calihans and old friends that Angie grew up with. It has been 25 years since Angie has been to church there.

I haven’t talked to very many this week due to having pneumonia

Richard Caudill is finally over his bout with illness, as he is out riding his four- wheeler again. What am I saying? He has never stopped, even with cracked ribs.

Mike and Marcia Caudill have guests for the weekend. I am sure everyone had a great time. Ricky put several posts of Marcia’s Christmas tree, and it was so beautiful.

Hello to Wanda and Mattie Hall, to Sue and Mart Hall, April and Brook.

I really feel too bad to try to write a column, so I decided to included this poem that I wrote sometime ago:

With all the gaiety, and hoop da lore

Sometimes we forget what the word “Christmas” stands for!

The beautiful scenery, the lights shining so bright

Let’s all take a moment, to think back to a long ago night

Somewhere in a stable, in a manger, the Christ child was born on a bed of straw or hay . . .

Three wise men were guided by a star to show them the way.

A young woman called Mary was about to give birth

Who knew of His demise, as He entered in this earth?

As we enjoy our gifts, let’s keep in our hearts on this joyful season.

It is the birthday of our Savior why we celebrate, Yes Jesus is the Reason

Remember if you have family, tell them you love them.

Sorry folks. Until next time.

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