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Isons hold reunion in Indiana

Hello everyone! As I start this column there are three deer grazing in the hayfield across from my house. This is the first time this summer that I have seen deer in the hayfield

I hope everyone had a safe and good Fourth of July. It was a very quiet day for my son Keith Ballard and me. As usual, he worked for a few hours. With having limitations of being outside, I knew there was no way I could possibly be outside to try to do anything.

Friday, I went to the orthopedic doctor, and my pink cast was removed. I have the brace on again. It is a little bit more comfortable.

I will have to wear the boot for my ankle for a couple of more weeks then I can start bearing a little weight on my foot. It is still swollen and giving me quite a bit of pain.

Even though my car was totaled on June 1 it hasn’t been paid off and today I am going to get to the reason why.

Saturday, the Ison family reunion was held at the New Trenton Fire Department in New Trenton, Ind. Polly Ison Maucher invited me to this event, even though I am no relation. There were about 90 people who attended from different states.

Since I am in a wheelchair, depending on friends and family to take me places, I explained to Polly and she said just make sure that I came. Thanks to Daphne Korner for taking me and helping me.

As I sat in the crowd, I looked at Polly and wondered if she realized how lucky that she is to have so many relatives attend to this reunion. Polly looked so pretty and her face was glowing as she sat still for a few minutes. Just to think that so many had ties to a little place called Kingscreek.

Johnny and Ann Calihan along with their son Gary Calihan attended, Ann wanted me to sit with her, so I sat at the end of the table. Gary was so attentive to his parents and included me too.

Michael Ison introduced me to his daughter Brooke who lives in New York. Brooke is married to Jeff Ruskamp, and they have two of the cutest kids, Sedona and Hudson. I have watched these to since birth as Brooke shares pictures.

Several of the Whitaker clan were there. It had been a few years since I had seen Cina Faye and Linda. Actually I didn’t recognize Cina Faye at first.

It was great seeing everyone.

Wendell, Woody and Willis all came to speak to me. A special hello to Woody as I want to make sure I mention his name in The Mountain Eagle.

I met Polly’s oldest sister Edna Sturgill’s daughter. Many years ago Edna and Elwoood Sturgill lived in this house that I now call home. I met Edna about 55 years ago, as Edna used to buy green beans and tomatoes from my husband Jack and me.

Linda Whitaker Day’s husband is Kelly and Renavae Day’s son. I waited too long to have a talk with Kelly Day, whom I did meet at Hayward and Vivian Days 50th anniversary party several years ago.

Kelly asked me to come to visit him so we could talk. Kelly is the only person that I have ever had the pleasure to talk to that knew my grandpa Alec Hall from Roxana. Kelly passed away before I ever got to talk to him.

As I said, my thoughts were traveling down a path of their own as I watched the crowd.

Several guys fried chicken. I had to laugh when someone said there were four or five large kettles of white half runner green beans. Michael Ison brought half runner green beans from Kingscreek along with home grown tomatoes.

Since I can’t digest food, I enjoyed a glass of ice water and just let my thoughts wander as I thought how delicious the food looked. I didn’t get to hold hands with Michael, however his brother Doug leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. I may never wash my face for a long time. Now quit your laughing.

Thanks, Polly, for inviting me to share in this special occasion .

I’m sure I will think of things as soon as I am finished with this column.

My sympathy goes to the family of Tom Wagner, who is Sue Calihan Wagner’s husband, in the loss of his mother Ruth Wagner. Tom is in the northern Kentucky area due to his work, and Sue is still in South Carolina trying to get their house listed for sale.

Sue and their daughter Lauren were scheduled to fly home to be with the family. Sue became ill and can’t make the trip.

I had no reason to ever know Tom’s dad’s name until Ann and I were talking. When she mentioned Bert Wagner, again thoughts went back to about 45 years ago when we had septic tank problems, Jack called Bert Wagner who had a business, and he dug up a huge portion of the yard tracing the sewer line. It is a small world sometimes.

I haven’t talked to Les and Pat Wagner so it’s about time I get in touch with them. I know they are enjoying the produce from their garden.

You’ve heard the expression you never miss your water until the well runs dry. As I sit writing this column the water pump has gone bad, so until Keith gets it fixed. we are on limited water.

I am really sorry to hear that Denny Amburgey due to illness had to close the store at Roxana. I’m sure this has been an inconvenience to lots of people in the area. The store has been there for so many years. I would actually like to know the history from the beginning. I know Steve and Gladys Hogg had it when I was born.

Sunday was the Old Time Fiddlers meeting. Once again thanks to Daphne Korner and others for helping to make this event possible. Vicki Power wasn’t able to attend. This was one of the largest crowds we’ve had in some time. Good music and food. I knew I couldn’t lift a pot of soup or beans so I had Daphne get Little Caesar’s Pizza. We had plenty of other food also.

My granddaughter Sarah Nottingham stopped by to see me one afternoon this week. It was great to see her.

Well folks, my hand needs a rest.

So until next time.

Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com

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