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Isons mark 50th wedding anniversary

Dec. 18, Carol and Kendall Ison had their 50th wedding anniversary celebration at the Cowan Community Center. Melinda Daniel, my brother Archie and myself attended, along with about 50 or 60 people. We enjoyed ourselves.

It was really nice, decorated very nicely, and hosted by their children, Marshall Ison and Valerie Horn. All their children, grandchildren, and future in-laws had a real nice dinner after remembering back on their 50 years of being together.

They renewed their wedding vows with Rev. Tony Brown officiating. They exchanged rings and Kendall kissed the bride. It was so sweet. Congratulations to them, and thanks for inviting us.

Sorry to hear of Rodney Thacker, formerly of Big Cowan, dying. He was 40 years old and the son of the late Mary and Richard Thacker. Our sympathy goes out his sister Debbie and the rest of the family. Big Cowan

I didn’t know him, but I remember his late mother Mary and his sister Debbie. I hate to hear of anyone losing a loved one, especially at Christmas.

The Santa Truck made its way down Cowan on Friday, Dec. 23, to surprise all the little girls and boys.

Tammy and Wayne Turner left the next day to spend Christmas with their daughter Melissa and her husband, and granddaughters Allyssa and Leah Nicely since they were unable to be here for Christmas. I hope they had a safe and wonderful trip, and they probably had snow.

My husband and I had both been mean and grouchy this year so Santa passed us by. We will try to be better next year. So all you boys and girls, it pays to be good all year because if you are naughty and not nice, you will not get a surprise.

My son and family were unable to be here for Christmas from Indiana, and we were unable to be there. They all had a good Christmas. We will catch up with them sometime soon and have Christmas with them.

James and I had lots of anniversary messages. Thanks to all our family and friends.

My granddaughter, Ashley

Fields, had her surgery on Dec. 21 and she did pretty well, but she overdid it and was back at the ER that night. She is doing better now, taking medicine and waiting to have her stitches taken out.

My other granddaughters, Rebecca and Michaela, are doing well. They are enjoying Christmas break.

Audrey Maggard Hammond’s granddaughter, Jessica Robinson, is in the hospital. She is pregnant with her fourth child and the baby is trying to come early so they have her on bed rest. Keep her and the baby in your prayers.

Happy first birthday to Peyton Day on Dec. 24. He is the son of Hannah Boggs Day and David Day of Cumberland, and the first grandson of Cathy and Keith Boggs of Big Cowan. He is a fine looking young man.

Charles and Shirley Day have been gone to Indiana. Shirley’s sister Mabel died. She was the daughter of the late Theodore Standifer. Our sympathy goes to the family. Keep Shirley and Charles in your prayers. They are both in bad health.

Well, folks, I am running out of things to write about. Happy New Year to everyone. Pray for a better year. Be good to yourselves and one another.

“A smile is a frown turned upside down.” Keep smiling. See you all next year.

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