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Isons mark 65th anniversary

Hello everyone. I hope everyone had a good week. I have always believed in the saying for March ‘In like a lion, and out like a lamb.’ In grade school, I would always want bad weather for the first days of March so spring would be here by the end of March. Spring is my favorite season.

My brother has two dogs, Buddy and Lady, and Buddy loves to visit us. Mike always opens the door for Buddy and Buddy walks in and heads straight to the refrigerator. He knows we have something for him to eat. He’s so funny. If you feed him in the house he doesn’t want to leave, so I have to feed him outside so I can shut the door.

When we still had our dog, Tater, he would run around with Buddy and Lady. One weekend my sister and I were here and I didn’t have my keys to lock the house. All three dogs (Tater, Buddy, and Lady) were on the enclosed porch as Susie and I had to go to town so we left the dogs on the porch. I figured no one could get through those dogs.

Apparently I didn’t shut the door to the house all the way. When we got home, Tater was coming out of the house with a loaf of bread in his mouth while Buddy and Lady were waiting for him. They looked like they were going to have a party on the porch with the bread.

The dogs weren’t happy when I took the bread away and luckily the loaf of bread wasn’t open. Dogs are just like kids. I do miss Tater but it’ll be a while before we think about getting another dog.

My aunt and uncle, Thelma and Glennon Ison of Flemingsburg, celebrated their 65th anniversary on March 6.

Thelma is the daughter of the late Cassel and Beulah Caudill of Little Cowan, and Glennon is the son of the late Grant and Mary Ison of Kingdom Come. Happy anniversary.

Gregory Angelo Speros of Bellbrook, Oh., passed away on February 28, at the age of 89. He had three children, Cynthia and Col. James Yonts, Dr. Paul and Angela Speros, and Christopher Speros.

Cindi’s in-laws are Minerva and Russell Yonts of Indianapolis, Ind. Condolences are sent to Cindy, Jim, and family.

Our son and daughter-inlaw, Brad and Becky Wenning of New Paris, Oh., are on a vacation to Las Vegas, Nev. They have posted a lot of pictures.

After they get back, they will be coming to Kentucky to visit us. I’m looking forward to that part of their travels.

Kentucky is having a Free Fishing Weekend on June 1 and 2. Anyone may fish without a license or trout permit anywhere in Kentucky. There will still be limits on number and size of fish that can be kept.

Jaimie Ware and Skylar Mefford were married on Saturday, March 9. The wedding was held at Norlyn Manor in Batavia, Oh. It was a beautiful wedding.

Jaimie is a daughter of Susan and Tony Ware of Lexington and Skylar is the son of Heilery and Eric Mefford of Seaman, Ohio. Jaimie and Skylar will be living in Amelia, Oh.

Family members on Jaimie’s side that attended the wedding were Curtis Ware of Philadelphia, Penn.; Michael Campbell, John and Faye Campbell, Doris Ison, Donna and Mike Watts, and Mike and Martha Wenning, all of Whitesburg; Mark Wenning of Monroe, Oh.; Greg Wenning of West Milton, Oh.; Laura Harris, Hannah Harris, Cassie Harris, Landon Harris, Joshua Blanchard, Barbara Campbell, Jennifer Jimeriz and Savannah, Isabella, Lillannah, Maricella, and Ruben, Greg and Terri Ware, and Vivian Ware of Lexington; Roberta Campbell of Covington; Jenny Stigers and Li Fu Stigers of Crestview; Donna Hollingshead and Cara of Burlington; Janis Marr, Michael Marr, Anna Bledsoe, Myles Marr, Addison Marr, Tucker Marr, and Ben of Berea.

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The social media quote of the week is: You’re never too important to be nice to people. Have a great week.

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