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Isons to mark 54th anniversary

Hello everyone! Hope all are doing well.

Late happy birthday to Robert Conley Fields and Jimmie Bailey on Dec. 6.

Went to Christmas on the Creek at Cowan Community Center on Dec. 4. Had a good time telling stories of our favorite Christmas. Santa came to visit and gave kids a treat and they had pictures taken with Santa. There was a square dance afterward.

My granddaughter’s baby shower was on Dec. 6. She got lots of nice stuff. I was unable to go but want to be there in February when Lanceton is born. Can’t wait.

Well, Thanksgiving is over and Christmas on the way. King’s Chapel Church L.I.F.T. Ladies had their dinner on Dec. 11. Lots of good food, fellowship, ornament exchange and ugly sweater contest. All had fun. Christmas dinner for the church and guests will be Dec. 20 after church Sunday morning.

Our Cowan Community storytelling class met with Tom from UNITE on Dec. 11. He presented a very interesting program.

Happy anniversary to Carol and Kendall Ison who will be married 54 years on Dec. 20. Have a good one.

My husband James E. Fields and I would have been married 46 years on Dec. 21. God chose to take him two years ago. Happy anniversary in heaven. You will always be in my heart. Love you.

The late Delze Banks would have been 70 years old on Dec. 18. Happy birthday in heaven.

Happy birthday to Glenda Brown on Dec. 22. Have a good day, dear friend.

George Allen Adams has a birthday on Dec. 24. Happy birthday. We were in class together at Whitesburg Grade School. His mother, Bobbie Adams, was my math teacher and his grandpa, Leonard Morgan, was my principal. George is married to my first cousin, Emma Louise Day Adams, and they have one son, Chris Adams.

Barbara Ann Maggard Boggs would have been 79 on Dec. 25 and Charlie Miles would have been 73. Happy birthday in heaven to both of you

Happy anniversary to Rick and Linda Polly who will be married 41 years on Dec. 26. Happy birthday to Dasia Rae Fields who will be 20 on Dec. 26.

Jenny Day, daughter of the late Ran and Bonnie Day, died three years ago on Dec. 28.

Colton Gabriel Trent Whitaker will be nine years old on Dec. 29. Happy birthday, sweetie.

My sister-in-law Margaret Pack Fields will be 58 on Dec. 29. Hope she has a great day.

Frankie Day died three years ago on Dec. 31. Still missed by all who knew him and loved him.

My brother Archie Fields had a stroke three years ago on Christmas Day. We are still blessed to have him and pray that he stays in better health.

Big Cowan

Hoping all of you are blessed to have all your family together at Christmastime. Be good and be kind to one another. You never know how many times you will be able to get together. Life is too short. Also remember Jesus is the reason for the season and every day of our lives. Go to church somewhere and keep someone in prayer.

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