Whitesburg KY

Isons visit Dollywood


Kingscreek Community Church is having Vacation Bible School this week. I would have put it in the paper last week but since I didn’t go to church there last week I didn’t know the exact date. But they are having a real good time. There’s still plenty of time for children and adults to go. For a ride or information, call Pastor Jimmy Dotson and his wife, Nicole.

Wendy Ison and I went to Dollywood with Danny Fred and Lacey Ison this past week. Of course if I would have had a little extra money I would have had a better time. It was really neat. The last time I was there Wendy was a baby, age 1 1/2, and Danny was 13 1/2. That was a long time ago. It was Silver Dollar City then.

We went to their houseboat on a lake after that. We had to ride Danny’s boat to get to the houseboat. It was really nice. It was a home away from home. I saw these bass swimming in the water and there were 20 or more in a school. They were huge. Of course I didn’t catch any. We had fun. Thanks, Danny F. and Lacey, for taking us.

Belated happy birthday, Larry D. Ison, May 31.

Congratulations to Jason and Jessica Wells. They are going to be new parents.

I want to thank Ronnie Jones and Vickie for helping me out in the yard. Ronnie mows for me every week. They own the R and V Rock Dock. They have lots of different crates of rocks and pond supplies and liners for ponds, mulch, dirt, you name it, they have it. Vickie’s single sister, Delores, works there. She’ll be glad to help you. D.J. does the delivering. They have a really nice business.

Hello, Amy Ison, Jim Bo Ison, and Wyatt Ison, over on Big Cowan.

Hello Janie Miles at the top of Big Cowan.

There is going to be a walking track soon. It will be in Lynn Branch. They are putting it where the D&W Go-Kart Track used to be. There are a lot of good memories in that place. We used to have some good times at the go-kart track. I remember Pauline Roark was my best customer when it came to buying pizza and I don’t know who was the best customer for steak hoagies, Donnie Roark or Dannie Watkins. Those were the good ole days.

I do remember we bought a little three-speed Nissan and Danny F. and Jeremy Dean Ison would run up and down the hollow in it. I remember they also ran it into the creek once. They got it out and it just kept right on going like the Energizer bunny.

I’m still waiting on someone to give me a couple free horses. I would buy me a couple but I’m so poor I can’t pay attention.

I will try and get out of the house this week and get some news. When you only have one car and a teenage driver I suppose you sit home a lot. I do. If anyone has anything for me to put in the paper, you can email me at margie.ison@yahoo.com or send it to Margie Ison, P.O. Box 474, Whitesburg, Ky. 41858. Birthdays, I will put in my birthday book and anniversaries.

Delma Roark is helping some at Vacation Bible School. She is a lot better.

A long time ago Arthur Stidham, a preacher, said, “If you cannot say something nice about someone then don’t say anything at all.” If people will stick to this saying a whole lot of feelings would not get hurt and the world will be a little bit better place.

I still watch people who were raised on ‘taters and beans, but I can’t say something nice so that’s all I will say.

I want to say hello to a friend in Somerset. If you’d send your name, I’d put that in here. Mr. Green and family, catch a couple big fish for me.

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