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Isons welcome new baby girl


One customer at my Shoppe on Saturday said she has already purchased her pea seed and will be planting on Valentine’s Day.

The early daffodils and crocuses are also popped up a couple inches from the cold ground. Woo-hoo! It gets a person excited, thinking spring is going to be here before you know it.

Forgot to mention that Corey and Tonya Ison have another baby girl, Hannah Rose, who arrived on Jan. 24. Emma and Leah are excited to have a baby sister, as are the grandparents, Linda Day Chaltas, Ronald and Susan Ison, Butch Chaltas and great-grandparents, Rodney and Geraldine Ison. I hope I didn’t forget anyone, and big congratulations to all.

And to prove sometimes my mind thinks one thing and my hand writes something else, I mistakenly wrote that Leslie Williams and her mother, Wanda, joined Kingdom Come Church, and knew it was Defeated Creek Church in my mind. So sorry for the mistake, but not for the good news for them and the little Defeated Creek Church.

Belated birthday wishes to Bob’s uncle, Luther Adams of Morehead; Amber Williams and April Pridemore, our twin nieces; their dad, K. P. Pridemore; Ila Adams, Kristi Adams; Andia Adams Potter, and all the others who celebrated recently.

Hope you all had a blessed birthday.

Glad that Dock Adams and Joyce Adams have completed their physical therapy at Letcher Manor Rehab and are both back home.

We stopped by Sunday to visit Bill and Joyce Adams. Joyce is still a little weak, but hopefully she can get a little stronger. Bill will also have a February birthday later this month.

Jim Croucher and Gwen recently spent some time in Florida, visiting with his family and vacationing.

Melanie Caudill hasn’t been feeling well and had to have a couple rounds of IV antibiotics recently. She and Jeff will be getting a son-in-law soon. Their daughter, Maggie, recently got engaged.

Chris Day and Libby Day Smith recently celebrated their birthday. Their family helped the twins celebrate at their mother’s, the late Mattie Jean Frazier’s home. It was sad without their mom, but good to be together with their sister, Doris, nieces and nephews.

Glad that Gwen Begley,

Roy and Lena Dixon’s daughter, got a good report from her recent doctor visit. Thankfully, the tests came back benign.

On a last note, the Route 7 antique and gift stores were busy this past Saturday, and some of the shoppers had read about us when the Associated Press picked up The Mountain Eagle story a few months back.

I loved talking to the group from Greenup, and all the others who stopped by my Shoppe.

Out of time. God be with you all this week.

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