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It takes strength to keep a resolution

Guess what. It’s that time of year again. The time when a lot of folks make a list of all their good and bad deeds of the past several months and make their resolutions (vows) for the coming year.

But the vast majority of people are afraid to make a vow for the new year. Being the weak creations they are, they know they are sure to fail to live up to their vow. It is rather simple to vow to do or not do this or that, but do you really have the fortitude to keep a vow? Are you man or woman enough to stick with it and see it through?

It is better not to vow than to vow and not keep it. If you make a vow to the public, you will either show them how strong and reliable you are or how weak and unreliable you are. On the other hand, if you make a silent vow and fail, only you and the Lord will know it.

One time while I was in the military I came back to Letcher County on furlough before shipping out for Europe. I was helping a friend gather corn in the fall, which I always loved to do. I knew he always imbibed quite a bit, so I asked him if he had ever quit drinking. His reply caught me by surprise. He said, “Yes sir, I have.” After a second or two he said, “I quit 52 times a year, every Monday morning.”

Needless to say, if he made a vow to quit drinking evil spirits, it would have been wasted.

Considering the state of our society I figure more vows will fail than succeed. Still thinking of making a vow? Try this one on for size. Find you a place of worship of your choice and see the old year fade into history and usher the new year in by worshipping the one who gave you that year. He may not see fit to give you another year. We are not guaranteed even another heartbeat. In fact, we are guaranteed absolutely nothing worldly.

It matters not what denomination of church you go to. If you are afraid the roof will cave in on you if you enter a church, by all means go to a friend’s or relative’s house to worship. Take your family with you, especially children if you have any. Give them something to remember you by, something they are sure to cherish, instead of going out and getting soused and making a fool of yourself partaking of the fruit of the devil.

No! I am not making any vows. I like to think constructively. Make more, break more.

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