Whitesburg KY

It was a lovely day to take a hike to Bad Branch Falls


Hello everyone – I hope all are getting a chance to enjoy the nicer weather. I’m thrilled to see the spring flowers blooming. The renewal of spring makes me feel good.

Debbie Vice of Flemingsburg came in for a couple days. Debbie, Mike, and I ate at Paco’s Mexican Restaurant one evening. It was busy for a weeknight. We enjoyed our meal and each other’s company.

Kathy LaMonte of Clinton, Mississippi, came in for several days. Her granddaughters and their cousin came with her. It was good seeing Emma Phillips and Ava Phillips, and meeting Jamie Dearman. I believe the girls all had a good time, Kathy did. Mike, John, and I taught Kathy how to play Catan. When she was going home that evening she told her granddaughters about the game, and it turned out they play the game with their dad.

Our daughter-in-law, Becky Wenning of New Paris, Ohio, and a friend, Jessica Phillips, came in for a few days. They were doing a girl trip. It was so nice having them visit. They went across The Little Shephard Trail, stopped at the overlooks, and drove up on Town Hill. We took them to the Pine Mountain Grill one night and to Halcomb’s Dairy another evening. They said they had a good time. I am impressed that my daughterin law wanted to come to visit. She’s family and I’m glad she feels comfortable being here with us.

Joe Stamper, Alyssa Stamper, and Jordan Feltner of Lexington came in for a couple days. They stayed at Susan Stamper’s place. It was good seeing Joe and Alyssa and meeting Jordan. Joe is hoping to come back in a couple weeks.

Kae Fisher stopped by John’s house one evening. It was a quick visit. Her dog had gotten out and came down to John’s and she came to get Ziggy. It was good seeing her for a moment.

John Campbell, Mike Wenning, Joe Stamper, Alyssa Stamper, and Jordan Feltner all went to Bad Branch Falls on Sunday afternoon. They had a lovely day for a hike. Mike didn’t make it all the way as he slipped on a wet rock. He caught himself before he hit the ground which saved his face from the rock. He ended up with a scrape on his face and leg along with soreness. Mike went back to the car and sat. The others made the trip and said it was beautiful. The falls had a lot of water gushing through.

There was a lot of trash at the Pine Mountain parking lot by the entrance to Little Shephard Trail. John took a picture of the trash and posted it to social media. The next morning John and Mike went up there with trash bags and gloves to clean up the trash. Someone had already cleaned it up. They did see a truck with a lot of garbage bags in the bed as they were going up the mountain. Thanks to whomever did the cleaning. We have to take care of our beautiful county.

After a year, I went back to church on Sunday. I wore a mask and sat apart from others. Everyone else was doing the same. Several of us were just getting back to church attendance.

I visited with Doris Banks, Anna Yonts, Carol Caudill, Randy Brown and Johnny Banks for a while. Being around family is the best part of living here.

Feel better wishes are being sent to Ramona Caudill, Janice Wolod, and Mike Wenning.

Reneé Kristine Hostetter of Indianapolis, Indiana, passed away on March 15, 2021 at the age of 26. She is survived by her father and stepmother Jeff and Cari Hostetter; her siblings, Jen, Shelby, and Scotty; her boyfriend, Jacob Yonts; her grandparents, Connie Odekirk, Michael and Ann Hostetter, and Ellen and Dan Heathman.

She was predeceased by her mother ,Yvette Hostetter; grandfather ,Dean Hostetter; and sister, Paris Hostetter.

A memorial gathering was held on March 21, 2021 at Flanner Buchanan in Zionsville, Indiana.

Condolences are sent to Jacob Yonts.

This week’s quote is attributed to Jim Carrey: “ Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn towards the light and that makes them beautiful.”

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Stay safe and continue wearing a mask.

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