Whitesburg KY




Four years ago the Hampton family lost something priceless, something which can never be replaced, their beloved son Steven (Steve) Hampton. When he was a child he depended on Mom and Dad to take care of him and love him, and they did. When working deep in the coal mines he trusted the Lord to keep the mountain from falling on him, while he labored to provide for his family, and the Lord did. He loved and depended on the Lord for what he needed, and was a proud Coal Miner. He would help anyone in need. And want to share whatever the Lord blessed him with, no matter how meager. He was an avid recycler and recycled everything possible. Because he didn’t believe in wasting. We’ll see him again, when we all stand before God’s mighty throne and be judged accordingly. And this is one appointment which will not be excused or postponed.

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