Whitesburg KY
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy

It would be nice if the warm weather could last awhile


Hello everyone, hope things are going well for all of you.

It was such a beautiful day Friday. It was so welcome after all this cold temperatures and ice and snow. I hoped it would last awhile, but the weatherman said it was to end Saturday and start raining and snowing again, but we will rejoice and be glad in whatever it is. I try to do that every day. There’s always something good about every day. I’m a happy person.

I got a call from my friend in Virgie the other night. I enjoy talking to her.

My sister, Kathleen Brock, had her surgery and is doing well. I think she was on her way home Friday.

I got a call from Norma Jean Hatton, wife of the late James “Mutt” Hatton. She is the mother of Larry Van Hatton. They live in North Vernon, Ind. She was visiting her daughter in Tennessee. She called to ask how Kathleen was doing.

I loved the poem in The Eagle for the family of Harding Ison. It was so pretty!

I got a call from Betty Sue Anderson. She had made four quilts. I told her she made me ashamed of myself. I really haven’t done much this winter. I can’t get interested in sewing or quilting anymore. I keep busy, but the hurrier I go, the behinder I get. Time just gets away from me.

My sons, Rob and Billy, and Joseph Hatton and his girlfriend, Hannah, enjoyed our dinner at Pine Mountain Grill. I love to see who all the people are there. It was good seeing Ritter and Steve Lucas, Pauline and Richard Adams, and Esther and Robert Wagner. I really don’t get out much to see people, mostly the Hazard friends now. I’ve made some good friends of the wives of the people at the Veterans Center.

I met Carrie Bates and Willa Dean Halcomb at The Mountain Eagle office. Their hair looked so pretty! I found out Carrie was Hattie Mason’s sister. I didn’t know that. I just remembered Carrie said, “Don’t put me in the paper.” I guess it’s too late now. Sorry, Carrie. No, I’m not.

Sandra Cook said the Longaberger meeting at Red Roof Bingo Hall went really well.

Sandra, you didn’t tell me you were National Sales Leader. You have done really well. I remember telling you, you wouldn’t make it here — you proved me wrong and I’m glad and I’m proud of you.

I’m so proud of our County Court Clerk Winston Meade for being the Clerk of the Year for H.A.V.E. (Help a Veteran Every Day). All of us wives appreciate all you have done for our husbands. They deserve it.

Emilee (Sexton) Schmidt asked me to tell Shirley Breeding hello for her. “Hello, Shirley.” She hoped our husbands were doing OK. They are both doing pretty well. Clyde is eating real well and seems content there. It’s a good place. I recommend it to all the veterans. I don’t have to worry about Clyde when I’m not there — all the workers seem to like him and he likes them. That means a lot to me.

Shannon Banks and her mom, Louise Shepherd, went to Abingdon, Va., for a meeting of Food City. Shannon won some awards for her favorite charity, Relay for Life. It was a big honor for Shannon. I don’t know all the details. I’ll find out more about it and write about it next week. I’m so proud of you, Shannon! Shannon puts her all in whatever she does.

Hello, Gladys Smith, Emma Lou Engle, hope you are feeling better, and Rose Ballard and all the other writers. I read all your news, the Blackey, Jeremiah and Cowan, Bennett Welch’s articles and Jim Cornett’s. The other names aren’t coming to me, but I look forward to all your news every week. I’m proud of our Eagle. I learn a lot from it. It’s my favorite paper and I’ve made lots of friends through it. I’ve heard from folks that I knew 50 years ago and didn’t know where they were.

Hello to Ann (Miller) Vanderpool in Williamsburg, Ky., and to your sister, Ada, and her husband, Arthur King. I hope they are doing OK. I need to call them and also my cousins, Ruby and Kern Howard. Willa Dean Halcomb asked about you, Ruby.

I need to check on Clarence and Sara Ison and get back up to Letcher Manor and visit. I have good intentions really.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if the weather permits.

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