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It’s all about God’s timing

I was born in Fleming-Neon, Letcher County, Kentucky, in 1956 and I was the third born child of the late Ruby Lee Phipps and a grandson of the late Boone Phipps and the late Louise Pridemore. I am also the adopted son of the late Harless and the late Ruth Ramey-Underwood. At the age of six or seven I made my singing debut on “The Cas Walker Home and Farm Show”, which was around 1963, and I have been singing ever since.

In 1964 I became a ward of the state and was placed at Buckhorn Children’s Home. While at Buckhorn I sang in the choir and did solos and duets. When I left Buckhorn I went to Eastern State Hospital and then to Kentucky Children’s Home. While at Kentucky Children’s Home I sang for the Kiwanis Club Christmas party at the Brown Derby, on WHAS’s “Crusade for Children”, and “Toys for Tots”.

At the age of 18 (1974) I was led to the Lord by gospel recording artist Dallas Holm. Shortly thereafter I began to sing Dallas Holm songs. In 1987 I wanted to do my first gospel music recording and so I contacted Dallas Holm and received permission from him to record his music, and on December 17, 1987 I did a 10- song recording entitled “While I’m Standing Here”. In 1991 I was on two television broadcasts of “The Gospel in Song” in Richmond, Va.

On my birthday in 1998 I had a massive heart attack and had open heart surgery. The doctor informed me that as a result of what he saw, this was actually my second heart attack.

On August 28, 1999 I did my second gospel recording entitled “Our God Is A Strong City”. In June of 2000 I sang on “Gospel Music Roundup” on Living Faith Television in Abingdon, Va. On March 16, 2001 I made my third gospel music recording entitled “Walk On The Water”. One week later I had my third heart attack, was taken to Lexington, got a stent, and stayed in the hospital for four days. Nine days after being discharged I was recording my fourth gospel recording entitled “How Great Thou Art”.

I now have a total of 10 gospel music recordings with the most recent being July 7, 2007 and entitled “Reveal Your Love”. On May 2, 2007 I was on a television program called “Front Porch Pickin’ with Dwayne (Big D) Amburgey” in Hindman, Kentucky. On May 29, 2007 I was on a television broadcast called “Gospel Jubilee” with Len Sloan in Hindman.

Each year I sing at quite a few churches, festivals, funerals, weddings and even on television sometimes. I have had four heart attacks and been told in 2004 that I had two more blockages, a leaking heart valve, a heart murmur, and that the entire bottom of my heart is dead, nonetheless I made a promise to God that I would sing for Him as long as I am able and will give Him all of the glory. I have been singing now for at least 45 years.

On November 26, 2007 I appeared on a television program in Beattyville, Kentucky called “The Hour of Harvest”, which is also broadcast on the Internet at www.wljc.com, and then on December 13, 2007 I received a call that I was not expecting. On the other end of the line was a brother in the Lord who is a record producer with a Christian record label called Revelation Records. This brother in the Lord told me that he saw me on “The Hour of Harvest” and that the Lord told him to contact me and that he wants me to sign a record deal. (Praise the Lord.) God had a plan and He brought it about.

You see, I had send some CDs and DVDs to Kim Mitchell at WLJC Television in Beattyville and she contacted me about appearing on “The Hour of Harvest” with Margaret Drake in January 2008. I accepted and then I sent her a note and told her that should someone cancel before the weather turns bad this year, to keep me in mind. Someone did cancel so Kim contacted me and I ended up appearing on November 26, 2007.

In preparation for this trip I needed to acquire funds for gas, so I contacted Brenda Felosi and Corner Cafe in Evarts, Kentucky to set up a couple of Sunday afternoon singings to raise those funds. She allowed this child of God to do so and I am grateful.

When I appeared on WLJC it was being broadcast live in more than 40 counties in Kentucky and on the Internet. WLJC stand for Wonderful Lord Jesus Christ and is totally gospel.

God had a plan and I want to say a very special thank you to those who were in on this plan, first and foremost, to God. I want to thank Kim Mitchell and Margaret Drake at WLJC Television in Beattyville. I want to thank Brenda Felosi at Corner Cafe in Evarts. I also want to say a thank you to Jonathan Goodwin with Revelation Records for listening as the Lord spoke to his heart and then doing what the Lord told him to do. I want to thank Marlow Tackett for allowing me to sing “Prayer Back In The Classroom” and also Jeff Branham for allowing me to sing “Forever Free (Song for Tammy)”. They each have had a part in God’s plan for me in some way and I do appreciate each of them.

While I’m at it, let me also thank the churches, the festivals, the weddings, and the television stations that I have sung at. I am presently preparing to put my life story on DVD and send it to churches, newspaper, politicians, and television stations. I believe that good can come through it even though those who see it that are Christian will see how I have done less than godly by some that claim to be Christian.

Given all that life has brought me through in my 51 years of being, God has allowed music and singing to be part of my life for at least 45 of those years and I am so thankful to Him for that. Had a record deal been brought about in my timing then, it would have been done years ago. This record deal with Revelation Records has come about in God’s timing and I am putting my faith and trust in His timing. God knows best.

I would ask those of you who are reading this that you keep me in your prayers. If your home church would possibly like to have me to come to sing and/or share from my heart for the glory of God or you want to find out about my CDs and DVDs, then you can contact me as follows: Terry Underwood, Gospel In Song Ministries, P.O. Box 952, Loyall, KY 40854, or call (606) 664-2884.

May God bless you.

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