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It’s been a sad week for Cowan

Big Cowan

Well it’s been a sad and busy week for Cowan. Two people were hurt in logging accidents, and one was fatal.

Wendell Fields was cutting a tree down and it fell on him. e was transported to Tennessee by helicopter, where he had surgery. Thanks to his son, Joe Bob, for being able to cut the tree off of him. He is truly a little hero!

Joshua Fields, a son of Randy Fields, also was killed in a logging accident. He left behind his wife and twin sons. I’m so sorry for all of his family.

Then on Friday morning, his great-uncle, Earl Rayburn, died of a massive heart attack. He was married to Hazel Fields Rayburn and had two sons, Michael and Terry, and was the father of the late Sonya Rita Rayburn Money, who died only a few weeks ago.

He was a great asset to our community, and will be missed by all. He was a real hard worker in his younger days. He worked in the mines, and in his later years he was always helping people.

For years he maintained the Obie Fields Cemetery, and when he wasn’t able, he had some of his grandchildren and others doing it. They always did a great job. Our sympathy goes out to all of his family, and to the community.

Lots of people are still sick and needs our prayers. Lou Anna Fields, a daughter of the late Robert and Leva Fields, is in the hospital in Indiana. Her sister, Mary, just got out of the hospital.

Their brother Gid’s wife, Priscilla, also still needs our prayers, and Burdeen Gilley is back in the nursing home after being in the hospital.

Charles Hammonds still has problems with his arm and wrist, and will not be able to have surgery until his wrist heals. Also, Audrey still needs prayer as well as Bill and Agnes Maggard. Shirley Day has problems with her eye, and so many others are still having medical issues.

Birthdays this month are: Land sakes alive, Hager Trent will be 65” Nov. 16. We appreciate you, Buddy, and hope you have a good one.

Shelia Boggs Hurst, a daughter of the late Arizona and Estill Boggs, had a birthday Nov. 4. And yours truly (me) will be 59 Nov. 20.

Oh how time flies when you get past 55!

Also, Lisa Selvidge will celebrate her 41st birthday Nov. 18, and Lisa Pack Fields had a birthday this month.

It looks like all the good people were born in November, especially me. Ha, ha!

My husband and I were sitting and watching it snow Saturday morning. I’m not really ready for it, but it will have to do. I usually look forward to the first big snow, then after that it can go away until Christmas morning. It’s beautiful if you don’t have to be out in the cold.

My brother-in-law, Eddie, has been out having yard sales on the cold mornings. May God bless him for being brave enough to be out in this kind of weather.

I forgot to mention Sandra Boggs on the prayer list. I saw her the other day and she was pretty sore from having stents put in, also Thomas Wolfe really needs our prayers.

Hello to Isom and Darlene Fields in Morristown, Tenn., Gid and Priscilla Fields of Naab, Ind., Georgette and Harry Sims of Danville, Odessa and Reuben Lewis of Linefork, and all the readers of The
Mountain Eagle,
and also Arthur Pendleton of Columbus, Ind. I hope that all of you are well.

Thanks to all the gravediggers who dug Earl’s grave, all the pallbearers, and anyone who helped in any way. It will be your way of giving back to Earl for what he did for the community.

My heart goes out to Hazel, Carol Ann, Mary Lou and Jimmy Darrel, and to all of their families for all their family has lost in the last two years. Pray that God will give strength to overcome.

God says in His Word that He will not put on us more than we can bear. Sometimes you don’t understand why, but if we stand faithful, we will know one of these days.

Well folks, that is all I have this week. Everyone take care and be good to one another. Call and tell someone how much you love them and appreciate them.

Until next time, may God bless.

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