Whitesburg KY

It’s been festival season all around Bardstown


I apologize for all the skipped weeks. We were very busy. A couple weeks ago was the Bourbon Festival, which was on the heels of the Buttermilk Festival and then the next weekend we were preparing for Kevin’s business trip.

My aunt, Rachel Sturgill of Eolia, visited with us for almost a week while Kevin was out of town. She enjoyed it pretty much aside from the odor of the distillery. Yes, it is the same one that the entire town has cited with a lawsuit.

The weather was pretty dry until last Wednesday when we had thunderstorms on and off until late Thursday. The kids’ fall break began Friday and the preschool didn’t have classes on Thursday as it was a cleanup day.

We have new neighbors in the rental house next door. Tyree and his three-year-old son, Joshua, moved in on Saturday.

Prayer list this week includes: Geraldine Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Garland Burba, Lois Hardeman, Shirley and Larry Downs (y’all in Whitesburg know him as Sgt. Downs), Bobbie Welch, Judy Lee Hicks and Carrie Morris (formerly of Cumberland).

The kids have enjoyed the last few days as they have cooled down. The nights have been a little nippy, but it is a great relief from the heat we’ve had this summer.

Bernard’s roses finally bloomed after it rained. They had been having quite a struggle to be anything but buds.

I guess I missed reporting about the police chase that ended with the guy crashing into our old courthouse in the center of town. It was featured on the news as far as Bristol on Channel 5 so y’all probably heard all those details.

The most recent excitement was the 22 office workers who won the Power Ball. I didn’t even know about it and when Kevin got home from Denver in the early morning hours on Friday, he asked if I had bought a lottery ticket at the Five Star. Wishful thinking on his part as he knows full well I don’t travel to that side of town without absolutely having to.

I can think of a lot of different communities I could’ve helped with that kind of cash. Oh well. I don’t play that often because I don’t depend on that ever hitting.

I guess that is all the news for this week.

May you all be blessed abundantly.

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