Whitesburg KY

It’s been too hot to go outside


Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing okay.

We have been having lots of rains and storms. I’m sorry some of it didn’t go to Owensboro and some of the other states which needed it so much.

This hasn’t been one of my favorite weeks. I’ve been having arthritis in my shoulder. I’ve never had much pain in my life, and I’m so thankful for that.

I guess when you are my age you can’t expect to feel like a teenager. Right?

I’ve not been out and about much. It’s too hot for one thing.

I enjoyed talking to Stella Bates the other night. She wanted to know if I remembered a man’s name who was killed a long time ago, and would you believe I didn’t? I didn’t really know the man.

She called around and found out, and called me back, so we could sleep.

I met a nice lady in Savea Lot the other day, and I can’t remember her first name, but she was a McFall. We talked a good while. She wanted to ask about my sister, Kathleen Brock. She is doing some better.

I want to say hello to Bobbie and Kenneth Bowman. They have both been pretty sick and I hope they are doing better. I’ve known Bobbie for a long time.

Can I just brag a little bit about my great-granddaughter Brooklyn Hatton? Letcher County Public Schools had their opening day program Aug. 2, and Brooklyn was the Student Spotlight. She sang her ‘Coal Miner’s Candy’ song for a large crowd. My son Bill Hatton was there and he said the crowd loved it.

She wrote the song herself at school. She even made the music. Her mom, Sara Hatton, played the guitar for her, but Brooke can play it herself.

I wish I could have been there, but it wasn’t open to the public, just the school workers.

Also, one more student from Letcher Middle School, Jack Adams, We are proud of our students. Jack was also a Student Spotlight and I hear he did well.

I heard another Blackey boy has died, Matthew ‘Boss’ Slone. I think we were in second grade together. I knew him as ‘Boss.’ I think he lost his sight years ago. I never kept track of him.

My sympathy to his family. I remember he had a sister, Elizabeth, ‘Liz’, but I don’t know if she is still living. She was older than Boss and I.

Also my neighbor Docie York died, and I wasn’t able to go to her funeral. My sympathy goes out to her children.

Her son, Ernie York, and wife Mary Kay live next door to me. They have always been good neighbors, and also Mary Kay’s mom and dad, the late Lonzie and Myrtle Halcomb, who lived next door.

She had a gate put up between our houses so we could visit. She said, “You don’t shut out good neighbors.” I liked that.

I enjoyed Joyce Howard coming out to visit me. We all call her our ‘other sister’ and we all love her. I love company.

My sister, Betty Tyree, comes to visit when she can.

Seems like people don’t visit much anymore. I think we do our visiting by telephone, and that’s good too.

I talked to my son Rob in Owensboro, and they were doing fine. I also talked with my son Astor ‘Red’ Hatton in Georgetown. He said that he and his wife Rosemary really enjoyed having Missy and Randy Tyree visit.

Randy bought a truck from him. Astor is a salesman for Dan Cummings in Paris. Randy won’t buy a car from anyone else, and I appreciate that.

Well, I’m tired writing and not much news to tell.

May God bless all of you, and try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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