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It’s been very hot in the Ohio Valley

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Hello everyone!

Can you believe we are in the middle of July? Summer has actually arrived as it has been very hot in the Ohio Valley area.

Oh no, I am not complaining. As I said, in five short months we, or I should say I, will be wanting it back hot again.

I meant to add to my column last week, Michael Ison’s daughter Brooke and her husband Jeff Ruskamp along with their two children, Sedona and Hudson, spent several days with Michael, who lives on Kingscreek. The children had a great time playing in the creek and doing things they don’t usually get to do since they live in New York.

There were pictures of the kids playing with a huge paper box in the yard that brought back memories of my grandchildren as they had much rather had a cardboard box to play with than an expensive toy.

After the visit with Michael Ison, Jeff, and Brooke, along with the children, spent some time with Jeff ’s parents, then came to the Ison family reunion, then started on their journey back to New York.

Friday morning, Daphne Korner and I set out for an adventure. Daphne picked me up and we headed to the mountains of eastern Kentucky that is still home in my heart. Daphne had never been to eastern Kentucky.

Remember I have a broken left wrist, which is in a brace, and a broken right ankle, which will remain in a boot for another week, plus I am in a wheelchair if I have to go any distance.

Daphne drives a small pickup truck. To see out the windshield I had to use two thick pillows to sit on, which meant I had to use a small stepstool to climb in to the truck.

Daphne’s truck has a standard transmission, and she shifts those gears with such ease. It was amazing to watch her. It has been so many years since I’ve driven a standard, I probably couldn’t drive one anymore.

As usual I had a mission in my mind as this was the weekend for the Carcassonne Community Center square dance with Sunrise Ridge. Campbell’s Branch Community Center has music every Friday night, Sunrise Ridge performs at Campbell’s Branch the night before the square dance, so I get to see and listen Sunrise Ridge two times.

Daphne and I stayed at Calvary Campus. I wish I had listened to Jim Cornett a long time ago, as the rooms are really nice. We had such a peaceful time staying at Calvary Campus. No television, no Internet, well now Daphne did miss the no WiFi part, as she couldn’t use her phone. I don’t have one so it doesn’t bother me.

Friday after Daphne arrived and got unpacked we decided just to rest before we went to Campbell’s Branch. I have to be honest and admit, the trip was a little rough on me, as my foot and leg hurt, and my foot was swollen when I took off the boot.

When we arrived at Campbell’s Branch, we were a little early. Daphne enjoyed the scenery and inquired about the history of the building, included the quilt blocks on the outside of several buildings, things that I have noticed, but never divulged into finding out the pros or cons of. Daphne quilts, and does a lot of sewing projects.

When Darlene Campbell and her husband T. walked in, Darlene’s face looked like someone had turned a light on, as her smile was so bright when she saw me sitting in the wheelchair. The place was crowded so I tried to stay out of the way with the wheelchair, when I really wanted to get right out and tap my left foot to the music.

Alice Campbell gave me recognition for coming so far in the condition I’m in. I had to choke back tears. Fred Campbell was so thoughtful, as he offered to get me something from the kitchen.

I guess it is sort of dumb to go that distance to listen to music when you are in pain. Well, I hurt here at the house.

Saturday morning I woke up early as I do at home, except at home I turn the television on and listen to the noise, while I fool with the computer. Daphne and I each had taken a radio and we stayed in separate rooms at the campus, as I am so restless I don’t like to share a room.

As I lay in bed I watched the dawn come creeping in, such a wonderful sight to behold as it was framed with the sheer lace curtains at the window. I gathered what I needed and very carefully made my way to the bathroom to enjoy a wonderful hot shower.

Now getting dressed has been a problem with me, if I leave the brace off my left hand hurts so bad and is weak to try to get dressed. If I put the brace on, it gets hung on the fabric of my clothes. I am too private to have someone help me. Yes I am old fashioned and like my privacy.

Daphne sort of made fun of me when I told her I always get up early as to get to the bathroom and lock the door so I can have privacy as it has double showers.

Saturday we started our day by meeting Brian Hall at the Golden Apple to finally pick up the things that were in my car when I had the accident. If I had known the condition that the things were in I would have told my niece Sue Hall to retrieve my two lawn chairs and my spade, my small bag of cassettes and DVDs.

Everything was there except a bottle of windshield washer fluid, that had never been opened, and two new umbrellas. One was still in the box and the other had never been used.

As I said, I got the few things that meant something to me. My car must have been like a garbage dump as I had a container of sweet tea from McDonald’s plus a bottle of meal replacement that I had been sipping on. Of course the tea and the drink went all over everything.

The state police pulled all the papers out of the glove compartment, and whoever got the stuff out of my car for me just threw everything in a plastic bag.

When Daphne and my son carried the things in for me, Daphne noticed one bag had ants so she sat it on the porch. Needless to say I knew what had happened.

While we were at the Golden Apple we both purchased half runner green beans. I wanted a home grown tomato and never even saw any in anyone’s garden.

Daphne wanted to see Pine Mountain. I had a little reservation about going as I don’t like that mountain, even though the scenery is beautiful.

Up the mountain we went, as I said Daphne’s small truck has a standard transmission. The only other woman I know that can handle a stick shift like Daphne is my niece Sue Hall. We made the trip and Daphne was in awe with the beauty as she pulled over at the overlook.

I thought my friend Vicki Power was thrilled with everything. Daphne was so thrilled that it made me so glad that she made the trip.

After we came of the mountain, we stopped at Long John Silver’s, then went on another adventure as Daphne had met several from Kingscreek at the Ison reunion and she wanted to see where they were talking about. She was interested in where I was born.

We went down Smoot Creek and as we passed Hot Spot (Premium) I pointed out where my parents, Clayton and Ora Hall, used to live. As we went across the bridge at Roxana I pointed to the trees on the right saying somewhere in the trees was where I came into this world.

She really like the road going up Kingscreek as she had enough of mountain climbing. I showed her the vicinity of Pace’s Branch and where Kevin Ison lived. After our outing, we were both tired, so we went back to our rooms to rest.

Doris Adams is having some health issues so I decided to try to go see Doris. I remember how kind she was to me a few years ago as I had attended Blackey Day when I was very sick. I wanted to dance so bad, and I was very weak. Doris held my hands so I could dance one dance. It was wonderful to see her and her family.

Daphne was interested in the Old Indian Bottom Church on the hill above Doris house. We took a drive up to the church, which has two outhouses in the back of the church.

As we came off the hill, Daphne stopped to take a picture of the Indian Bottom Church sign, just as I started to say Daphne get over, which all I had time to say was Daphne,

The front of the truck went into the ditch. To be honest it happened so fast, here we sat with the front of the truck down in the ditch and the back is so light she couldn’t get traction. We weren’t hurt but were in a mess. I told her that it would probably have to be a wrecker to pull it out.

As she walked back to Doris house, Venessa came out as she had seen what happened. Doris’s friend Larry has a new pickup truck. He was kind enough to hook a chain and pull Daphne’s truck out of the ditch.

We went on our way to Carcassonne Community Center to the square dance. It was different watching while everyone enjoyed dancing and I had to sit this one out.

In came a woman with her right foot in a boot, as she had broken two bones in her foot.

I had texted Marcia Caudill Friday night to ask if she and Mike were going to Campbell’s Branch Community Center. Mike and Marcia came for supper and stayed a while, as they had a lot to do getting ready for Saturday. It was great seeing them again.

We discovered later that the accident broke the plastic from the truck’s bumper. Daphne and I tried to figure out how to keep it from coming looser until she could get it back here, as I knew Keith could fix it.

I thought if it had something that she could somehow tie it up it would last. I told Daphne to use my shoestring, however Daphne thought of using a plastic bag that you get at the grocery store. When I came out to get in the truck, honest I laughed until I could hardly get in the truck, as I saw that she had improvised by rolling the plastic bag and tying the piece back in place.

Daphne had asked me earlier about a hardware store. I told her they wouldn’t open until about ten since it was Sunday. She was smart enough to do what had to be done to keep the plastic from breaking.

As we were on the Hazard Bypass, she saw O Reilly’s Auto Shop so she stopped there. The man that was working was kind enough to put the bolt on for her so it is good as new. Don’t ever think I lead a boring life. At least we weren’t hurt.

I talked to Ann Calihan to let her know we had made the trip and were back home. Everything is alright at the present time with her family. Their daughter Sue Wagner is still having health issues. I hope it won’t be long until she is back in this area.

Here is what Daphne wrote about her first trip to the mountains:

“I just got back from a lovely weekend with Rose Ballard at her ‘old stamping grounds.’ We stayed at Calvary Campus, which is the former Stuart Robinson College. We stayed in an old dorm in separate rooms. The dorm reminded me so much of Dickey Dorm where I stayed while at Schreiner College.

“Anyway, the first night there, we went to Campbell Branch Community center, a former elementary school, to hear the Sunrise Ridge band play. Rose’s second cousin is the banjo player.

“I met so many people and of course they love Rose! I was tired and we left early. I learned that evening that the road often disappeared on the other side of the railroad track! The next day, we drove up a mountain to get a beautiful view of the Pine Mountains. I did not really mind going up and the steep hairpin turns, but I was nervous about the trip down and overheating the brakes like my ex-husband did years ago. I just downshifted and took it easy.

“After that excitement, we went back to our rooms. I took a nap. That evening, we went to Carcassonne Community Center, which was an one-room schoolhouse. It’s was quite an adventure driving such a very narrow windy road.

“Before going there, Rose wanted to visit a friend of hers, Doris Adams.

“ The Indian Bottom Church sign is on her property. After the visit, I had to drive up the little hill to see the old church! I did fine. When I was going to make the right turn to leave, I drove off the driveway into a ditch! Ugh! I knocked the black thing under my bumper loose but I did not know it until we got back the dorm.

“Anyway, at the community center, I was given a tour of the classroom.

“The Sunrise Ridge band played that night too. We enjoyed watching the dancing. I had never watched a square dance. I did not feel like giving it a try. We left before the last dance started.

“I did not want to tackle going down the hill in the dark. We got back to the dorm and headed for bed. I was worried about having to drive with a loose black thing under my bumper. I tied a plastic bag to hold it together. My first thought was to locate a hardware store to screw and nut it together.

“There wasn’t one. Rose vacuumed the rooms while I loaded the truck. I think that we left around nine. On the way home, I spotted an O’Reilly’s Auto Store and asked how to fix my problem. The man found the right bumper screws and put it in! We were on our way in no time! I can see why Rose loves going to the ‘mountains.’ It was kind of sad seeing them in the rearview mirror. I hope to go back some day.”

Well, folks, that sums it up for this column. Just call me a crazy woman and it will be correct when it comes to me.

The Dean Osborne Festival is July 31 through Aug. 3. If you purchase the tickets before the festival it is only $15. I enjoyed going last year, had plans on going again this year, now I am not so sure. As of the present I don’t know if I will be able to drive. I am not sure if I want to take a chance on the Cavalier on such a long trip. I may go looking for a car, that is if I can use the right foot.

Until next time.

Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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