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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Harrison, Ohio

Southern Ohio

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Just think, Thanksgiving will be over and Christmas will officially be here, even though Christmas decorations have been in the stores with Halloween decorations.

This morning in the Harrison area it really did look like Christmas for a short time.

I looked out my window and there were a few snowflakes falling. Then the sky let a lot loose as it really came down.

Oh, the memori e s once again started coming through. When it would snow at Roxana, Mom would tell us children if we would repeat over and over ‘Granny lost her feather bed’ it would make it snow faster.

My brother Wallace Lee and I would stand at the window and keep repeating and it seemed that it did snow faster.

I used to tell my children that when they were small.

Mom would always make us snow cream when we had a good snowfall, and that was the only ice cream we ever had through the winter.

We have sucked on many snowballs while standing in front of the fireplace to stay warm.

Walking home from school at Mill Branch I can remember pulling my coat sleeve down for gloves, breaking off an icicle and eating on it. Oh, how clear it was — clear as a piece of glass.

My daughters make snow cream for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I have heard so many say with all the pollution there’s no way they would eat snow.

We breathe the air, so I figure a little snow isn’t going to kill me. Well, maybe the sugar and cream isn’t so good.

Childhood memories far outweigh the concerns of atmospheric conditions.

I have to laugh when I go to the grocery store, especially as I pass certain produce that says organic, in the springtime. If Mom had chickens, I guess you might call it organic what she spread in her lettuce bed. How many farmers used cow manure in a garden?

I have almost given up eating meat, as the thought of horsemeat being sold in the stores is enough to make me give up eating anything except vegetables and fruit.

My daughter Kay Gray has extended her stay in Destin, Fla. until after Thanksgiving. Once again Kay tried to get me to drive down to stay with her for a few days.

The offer was tempting, but I’ve had too much going on here at home. I think my rib has finally mended, though my right arm is still bothering me quite a bit.

I know how fortunate I was not to have gotten hurt much worse. I think I am like a cat and have nine lives.

Several years ago I fell down 12 steps and dislocated my right shoulder, broke my arm, have eight pins and a five-inch plate.

About three years ago a cat caused me to fall down my steps. I didn’t break anything, but I messed my right leg up so bad that I am still have trouble with muscle damage.

Sometime ago I stepped out of my car and thought I had put it in park, but instead it was in reverse. The door knocked me down. The wheels came so close to running over me that it brushed my pants leg.

After that I was helping an older man in his yard with landscaping timber. He pushed as I pulled and sent me sprawling on my back, resulting in a cracked vertebra.

Sometime later that same man was helping a home aide get her car from being stuck in the snow. While she and I were pushing from behind, he somehow put the car in reverse instead of drive, knocking me down, backing over me, and getting my leg stuck under the muffler.

I could feel it burning my leg, as I lay pinned underneath. He had backed into a snowdrift, which is all that really kept him from backing completely over me, as I couldn’t move.

I finally managed to free myself, with just a small red spot from the muffler.

Now this episode of falling and getting a cracked rib is enough for me for a while.

Not to forget in the past year and half I had five-way bypass surgery, colon surgery and a scare concerning changing in cancer cells of the esophagus.

I have Barrett’s Syndrome, which means I have to be checked ever so often, and of course three stents in August.

After all this I still manage to get in my car at a moment’s decision, drive wherever and dance like the crazy person I am.

May everyone have a good Thanksgiving and don’t eat too much turkey.

I live not far from a place where they process turkeys, and I won’t drive past it. Now quit laughing at me.

I need to go or at least call to check on Johnny and Ann Calihan. I’ve had so much going on that I don’t do what I should.

Hello to Les and Pat Wagner, Larry and Becky Hasty and to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall. Wanda, it was good talking to you for a little bit.

My musician friends Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers did a live show on WYCO in Richmond Sunday evening.

I am sorry to say I haven’t talked to anyone this week, so there’s not much write about.

Until next time: Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio, 45030, email: Bluegrasmama4@aol.com, telephone 513- 367- 4682.

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