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Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy

It’s good to be in the world

Good morning to everyone. It’s a cool, cloudy morning and yet the little birds are out searching for food at the bird feeder out in the yard. They sure are beautiful, all different colors. There have been robins all over the yard for several days near our garden. Claude plowed up a space to plant peas, onions, lettuce and turnips, and they love to get in the dirt to hunt food.

Then cardinals and blue jays and the wrens and others plus seven or eight big black crows have been around the feeders. They sure have to work hard to get food. Everything living had a hard time trying to make it in this world. Not just humans but every living creature has a hard life trying to stay alive.

Something is always in our pathway trying to root us out. That’s just the way life is. Only it is still good to be in this world with all its beautiful things, scenery, flowers, trees, animals, birds and sunshine and moon and stars and best of all, our pretty streams of water.

Oh! How precious is the water that runs down the hollows and waterfalls and rivers, giving freely to all life. It is ‘life’ and no one seems to care what they throw into it and around it and pollute it. Oh! Just think what is going on around us and around the whole world.

Our water is more precious than gold. Every raindrop that falls is a blessing from God, our life stream. I thank Him for every drop that falls. Just looking at the big disaster in Japan makes one realize what it is to be without a drink of good cool, clean water.

Everyone on this planet Earth, just pray for these people who are hungry and thirsty and in need of clothing to keep them warm, and a dry place to lie down to rest their tired and weary bodies. Their grief and sorrow is so hard to see and know, especially the sick and injured and helpless.

Our God and Savior has been with us through so many scary things and has kept us under His protective love. It is the only way, God’s way. Let our hearts keep him with us always. Never forget, He will never leave us if we believe and accept Him. We can leave Him, but we can’t make it on our own. We always need Him.

I’m so sentimental when it comes to holding on to His unchanging hand. He loved me before I ever knew Him. He gave Himself for His beloved people.

We have a new baby boy in our family tree, at last. My great-niece Amy Victoria and husband Matthew Farley got their new son March 10. They named him William Caden. He weighed 8 pounds, 6 ounces. Everyone is happy for them. His older brother Colby is so happy with him.

Just before the baby was born, Colby was out eating and he took off his cap and laid it beside and said right out of the blue, “I’m so nervous I just can’t hardly live. It’s my first, you know.” He is 5 years old and is in kindergarten. He can say some of the sweetest things. His name is Colby Matthew.

Their dad Matt is due to leave home to go to Iraq the first of June. He is in the National Guard and they are being sent over there for a year. He is sad to be leaving his family. They live in Bardstown. We just hope everything will be OK for them all. Matt has been in the Guard for 12 years and has been in a lot of places to help in emergency situations. He works for CSX Railroad when he is home. Linefork

Claude lost another cousin last week, Dauphus Day. He was the eldest son of Dave and Mattie Ingram Day. We were all saddened by his passing. He was our close neighbor also, and he will be missed so much. He had been sick for a long time. First he had a bad stroke and was in the hospital for quite a while, then he finally got a lot better and was able to get about. Then he fell and broke a hip and was disabled for months. Then he got real sick and was hospitalized with another stroke. He came home and never recovered and died at his home March 9.

Our thoughts and our love go out to his family and brother and sister. There were many people at his wake at Letcher Funeral Home and it touched me deeply when his grandson got up and honored him with two beautiful songs as he played his guitar. It was so sweetly performed. I’ll always remember him doing that for his grandpa.

Plans for our big reunion May 28 are coming right along. I’m working on it most every day. The people I talked to want to know what the theme is going to be. Well here it is, Grand Reunion “Memories of Yesterday’s Love.”

The love we had for one another and the love we had for our teachers and the love we all had for Kingdom Come Settlement High School and Elementary School was the best and greatest gift Linefork every received. We will always remember the Methodist Church and the people who came and met with John D. Huff and some of his family members and got it started.

What a vision they had! It was as if God truly did send them to our community and we as a people should never forget our beloved school and the people who saw the future of all the good that would come from that precious place. It was a place to get an education and also a place to truly learn to understand what love is truly like.

That is the reason for this very special reunion. We want to show our love and also honor to the people who gave us the chance to do what was done for every family and boy and girl who got an education at KCHC and memories to love.

I hope all who feel as I do and get to come to reunite and visit for just one more time will have the grandest time of their life. We will, I know.

Just remember to make your plans soon and write to me and let me know how many we must plan to prepare for, for our dinner. Bonnie Ingram, 14972 Hwy. 160, Linefork, Ky. 41833, phone 1-606-589-5078.

The dinner will be at 2:30 p.m. and will be $10 per person. A few dollars extra would be so appreciated to help with extra things for preparing the decorations and snacks, etc., while visiting with our friends and loved ones. I want everything to be nice for our visiting. I’m looking for a good crowd so come on, let me hear from you and I’ll answer your letters.

Gary Joseph from Leslie County, is a great help and a good musician at the center. He plays mandolin and also sings beautifully. He, Larry Roark, Shaun Stamper and other players do really well, Larry on the guitar, Shaun on guitar. Shaun’s daughter plays bass fiddle and Mr. Astor Taylor from East KY Tyme plays and sings great. He is so good to come and be with us. Some of the men I don’t really know. A Mr. Smith comes and can really do good, and talk about dancing. He can really do the hoedown. It is so good to have them all.

Recently, we had two groups of musicians, Mountain Melody and another great group of young men and women. Mountain Melody has women and men also. They are really a great group, mandolin, banjo, guitars, and bass.

One of our own singers is doing a good job. He sings solo and has composed a really great song named for all the miners who have been diagnosed with black lung disease. It will bring tears to our eyes. His mom is a coal miner, Glenda Tolliver. She is one of our members. I know she is proud of Mike. He just turned 20.

Our art class has been having a good time learning to paint for our first time. It is hard at this time, but fun also. I look forward to every Thursday evening for our lesson. Marlene Cornett is our teacher and she does real good. We enjoy all she does for us, and what she tells us about art. If there is anyone out there that would love to paint, come join us.

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