Whitesburg KY

It’s good to have happy memories


I can hardly believe our winter season is over. The seasons go by faster as you get older.

Some are making plans to plant their gardens. Maybe a fairy will come by and plant mine. Bert enjoyed his garden and especially after he retired. I think I have said this before. It’s good to have happy memories of the past. Many of our relatives and friends are gone and they are truly missed. We were all blessed in many ways.

My nephew, Charlie Pitts Jr., called from his home in Tennessee. I guess thoughts wander back and especially at this time of year. They usually come for a visit in the spring. They plan to come later this year.

We have been getting some good rains and too much in places.

Elder Brad Dutton and his wife and son of Louisa attended church at Little Cowan on Sunday. We are excited about getting the Association this year as I have said before. Many are already making plans to attend.

Seems like I don’t have much news anymore. Not much going on. So many of my age group are gone

Carl Bennett comes by nearly every day. Marsha stays pretty busy scrapbooking. Most all of the elderly make their visits on the phone. Keeping house and trying to keep things going is a pretty busy job. There isn’t much time for complaining. We miss our loved ones and friends who aren’t with us anymore, but we are thankful for the memories. We have all been blessed in many ways over the years.

Bert was drafted in World War II when Carl Bennett was 18 months old. He was sent to Germany and was slightly wounded, which probably saved his life.

It was a scary time for all the people and many never made it back.

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