Whitesburg KY

It’s just a little too hot

Hello everyone. I hope everyone had a good week. We had nice weather, just a little too hot for this old gal. For those of you who love the heat — enjoy! One thing I can say is that it sure gets cold in the wintertime and hot in the summertime.

Debbie and Lonnie Pack want to wish Lee Boggs a belated happy birthday for May 19. He lives at Little Cowan. A belated happy birthday to Michael Carl Boggs for May 27. Put Joyce and Fred Boggs, Rowend and Lowell Boggs, and also Debbie and Lonnie in your prayers.

Hiram Ingram Jr. moved to Georgia to live with his brother. Keep him in your prayers. Everyone on Ingrams Creek loves and misses him.

I forgot to mention that little Marty Fields won seven trophies in basketball at Cowan School. Grandpa Archie and Grandma Margaret Fields and the rest of us are very proud of you. Way to go, little man!

We want to take this time to remember Amy Ison, who was killed in a car crash at Payne Gap one year ago. Our prayers are still with her family, and we are still sorry for your loss.

This is such a sad time. So many children are dying and some are being killed. I just heard of a 12-year-old boy in Greensburg, Ind., being killed by his mother and her boyfriend because he hid his mother’s meth because “she gets mean.” His younger siblings had to witness this. Big Cowan

What is this world coming to when they care more about drugs than their children? Rest in peace, Devon. You are a hero in my eyes, because you were trying to save your mommy’s life — but gave up yours. I never knew you, but you have gone to a much better place. God bless the little children.

Everyone in the community seems to be doing okay at the present time. Just keep everyone in your prayers.

Margaret and Hager Trent spent a weekend in Tennessee, and Margaret’s sister, Kathy Ross, was in to take care of her mom and dad, Deolia and Elmo Day. I didn’t not get to see Kathy, but I hope she enjoyed her trip. Hager and Margaret could probably use the break. I’m glad they returned safely.

You can meet some very interesting and nice people at dental and doctor’s offi ces. I talked to a couple of ladies the other day and we had a real good chat. One lived in Hobert, Ind. before moving back here. Then I met another lady who was from Jenkins. I enjoyed talking to them while my husband was seeing the dentist.

Congratulations to Mountain Comp on its 40th anniversary. They closed early last Friday so they could celebrate. We didn’t get to go because our son was seeing the foot doctor at Hazard Clinic, and we did not get back until after 2 p.m.

Traffic in town was so backed up on Friday the 3rd that I hated to be out. It’s such a rat race with the first part of the month with people trying to get to the banks and then paying their bills.

Please keep Guy and Lorraine Stewart and Charles and Pat Large in your prayers. Also on the prayer list are: Irene and Eugene Day, Mary Lou Fields, Hazel Rayburn, Mike Rayburn, Mary Ann Maggard, Barbara Ann Boggs, Bill and Agnes Maggard, Charles and Audrey Hammonds, Ruben and Odessa Lewis, Michael Fields, and Melinda Daniel.

Everyone have a great week and attend the church of your choice.

A tent revival will be going on this week, June 6–11, at 7 p.m. nightly with Shane Calhoun Ministries and Pastor Bobby Stamper and the Victory Temple Praise Team, located behind Rite Aid Pharmacy in Whitesburg. Everyone is welcome.

Until next time.

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