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It’s like taking your mailbox with you

Going away for a while? Want to “take your mailbox” with you?

Then Premium Forwarding Service (PFS) may be just the thing for you!

Here’s how it works. If you sign up for PFS, the Postal Service takes all of the mail sent to your permanent address, and sends it to your temporary address by Priority Mail once per week. Things like Express Mail shipments and larger packages are sent ahead separately, immediately upon receipt at your permanent address.

You pay a one-time enrollment fee, plus weekly handling and shipping charges. See your local post office for details.

Anyone who is going to be away from home for at least two weeks or up to a year is eligible to sign up for PFS. Folks who use this new service include:

• Snowbirds, heading south for the winter.

• College students who are going to be away for the semester.

• Executives on special assignment.

• People who find themselves in extended family care situations.

• Lucky couples finally tak- ing that long-deserved special vacation!

With PFS, your permanent address does not change, and your temporary address is not provided to mailers.

For more information about Premium Forwarding Service, come see us at your local post office or go to www.usps.com/ receive/premiumforwarding.

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