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It’s okay to just go home

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Staying safe nowadays comes in many forms. It’s not just keeping our distance from others or carrying tiny bottles of hand sanitizer. Now staying safe also can mean avoiding the new routines we’ve felt comfortable putting in place.

Because things had started to calm down around here, at least somewhat, I’d started venturing to the grocery store late at night. Few people were in the store, allowing me to zip through the aisles, grab a few things and get out.

Now, unfortunately, I’m going back to curbside delivery.

The manager has told me about the multiple threats of weapons and violence that came about from people who were asked to wear a mask in the store. Basically, they threw an immature (and dangerous) fit. In one case, a gun was drawn at the front door.

So, we need to be flexible. Things are changing on a daily basis. Back to the online ordering I go. Not ideal, certainly. It means I can’t pick out my own groceries. It means being in my designated pick-up spot in front of the store at a specific time, even in a deluge of rain.

How are you to know if your area is safe from the idiots who want to throw a tantrum over being asked to wear a mask? Start with the store manager. They owe you the truth. Make a call to the police non-emergency line and ask them if there have been any instances of threats of violence in town.

Authorities in a number of states are rolling back portions of the re-opening they just recently allowed, locking down certain businesses again and adjusting the rules. Theaters, hair salons and more are subject to sudden changes. People will be unhappy.

If you do go out to local businesses, be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be afraid to just turn around and go home.

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