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It’s only six months to Christmas

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone!

Can you believe June is almost over? As the song goes, “ Time Is Winding Down”! I am taking a chance of getting something thrown at me, however six months to this date we will be celebrating Christmas.

Now I said it for everyone to read!

I don’t have central air in my house so that means I have window air in my living room, which means if I am in the living room too long my feet get cold. There have been nights I turn my electric blanket on to get my feet warm.

We are having such beautiful mornings as the air is so fresh, though the days gets uncomfortable for lots of people when it cools off in the evenings. Once again, it is really wonderful to me.

Tony is fighting a battle with cancer, as it seems this disease doesn’t discriminate no matter how young or how old we are.

Surprises just keep coming my way. I have been Facebook friends with a woman for sometime, never realizing she is a local girl from Hot Spot. She is Joann Hughes, who makes her home in Texas.

Since I didn’t stay around Hot Spot very much at Mom and Dad’s, Clayton and Ora Hall, I don’t remember Joann. It’s the same with another special woman, Brenda from Taylor, Mich. Brenda and I have corresponded for quite some time.

I wish I was as great a person as some people who read my column think I am. I have been told by many that I write as if I am college educated. Oh how I wish I was. I have always been in awe of educated people, that is until I read how stupid one can be with an education. I am very thankful that God gave me some common sense, though I never had the opportunity for schooling.

Sometimes I sort of amaze myself at things that I have been able to succeed in. When it comes down to the final draw, I am proud of my accomplishments. I really try not to use the words “I can’t” as I found out with a little determination and not being afraid to ask for a little help I can.

Asking for help is a hard thing for me to do. I’d rather do things by myself.

While driving home from an errand thoughts came rolling through my head like a freight train. I have always taken pride in myself as a young wife and mother, trying to set a good example for my kids, but it seems as if my life has changed in the past few months as I decided to live my life for me.

I don’t drink, smoke or do anything really bad, but if I want to be out half the night to listen to music and dancing, I do. If I lose sleep it is my body.

Sometimes I forget to eat and that’s okay, I will eat when I get hungry enough.

It feels good to really enjoy life to the fullest sense of the word.

A month or two before I had surgery I sensed something was wrong with me. I wanted to reach out and hug everyone in sight, and I think I did. After the surgery my zest for life is returning. I still want to experience the unknown, to really feel the sun on my face, and to reach for the unknown.

I went for a walk and I walked a mile in 16 minutes. This is the first time in over two years I have been able to walk this far with this speed.

As I walked I thought of young Travis Morton who had such a zest for life while living with cancer, and was such an inspiration to me and so many people.

I thought of my brother Wallace Lee Hall who will be gone one year July 6, who laid flat of his back for about six years with no legs, and of course my sister Loretta Church who is in Letcher Manor Nursing Home without legs, who will never again be able to get up and take that walk.

I felt such an exuberating feeling at the end of my mile walk. Had I not been afraid someone would have seen me, I could have done a happy dance, as it was one of the best feelings.

Such a small thing to do yet a milestone for me, as it had been exactly three months from the time of my five-way by-pass.

My daughter Anna Nottingham has found some property that she says has something called a carriage house that is separate. The description would be ideal, as it would mean Anna and her family would stay close by and give up the idea of moving to Florida, and I could live close to them yet have a place of my own

I am still undecided about selling my house, though sometimes I am tempted just to give it away to get away from everyone and everything.

I have even thought of trying to find a place in the little spot of Roxana that is in my heart, and then I wonder why. All the people I knew as a child are almost gone from there, and are now just memories. I probably wouldn’t be satisfied there either.

The setting where I live has been so special to me as I love people but I don’t want neighbors. I love the open space.

I finally found a little time to talk with Shirley Wells. Please keep her in your prayers as she is going through some rough times right now.

Gwen Huff Farmer is once again doing the work of 10 people by working in her garden. Once again I was hoping to go visit her before summer is over, but with things happening like they are I may not be doing anything soon.

My brother Richie Hall is trying to stay warm, as the air conditioning gets to him, too. Wanda is still working as many hours as she can, and I think driving so much gets to her at times.

Martha Breeding, I enjoy corresponding with you very much. You were a beautiful little girl and made a beautiful woman.

If I keep on I will really start to feel old as I am, a lot older than Martha, Brenda and Joann too.

I haven’t talked to Johnny or Ann Calihan this week, so I hope all their family are doing alright.

Frick and Frack Ison, I guess you boys are staying out of trouble.

Doyle and Betty Ison are just trying to stay cool. Betty still isn’t up to par as her legs are bothering her. Betty and Doyle had a special guest for a few nights as their granddaughter Jenna spent some time with them.

Their son Mike and his wife and some friends went on a very long motorcycle ride through Tennessee and other states. The only thing I can say is I wish they had a sidecar and said, “Come on, we’ll take you with us.”

I used to say if I ever found someone with a motor home, a motorcycle, a boat and a new car and who didn’t drink, I might be interested. So far no such luck so guess my destiny is traveling through life and enjoying every minute by myself.

Now you have had your laugh.

Just keep in mind Letcher County Day, which needs to be changed to Kentucky Day, will be the last Saturday in September at the shelter house behind Harrison Community Center at 300 George Street in Harrison, starting at 12. Bring a covered dish and your drink. I am going to try some games and entertainment.

Check with Kevin Ison for details on the Ison reunion. I think it is scheduled for July 4. I haven’t talked to Polly Maucher so I don’t have the exact time nor if it is the following weekend or on the 4th.

So until next time. Rose Ballard 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone: 513- 367-4682

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