Whitesburg KY

It’s prom time for seniors in Ermine

Hello out there to all you senior citizens. I hope you’re enjoying this weather of sunshine, rain, rain and sunshine.

Oh well, we need it all. Can’t live without the sunshine and we sure can’t live without the rain.

We at Ermine didn’t do much this past week, but Tuesday we voted.

We have one of our quilters, Norma Toler, not able to be with us, as she fell and broke her arm. Norma, we miss you. Hurry and get back with us.

Another one of our seniors is very sick, John Duty.

John, we miss you, and also hope that you get better soon and come back to the center.

S.T. Wright wasn’t at the center Thursday or Friday. I didn’t find out why, but hope he’s okay and not sick.

We miss our seniors when they don’t show up. We’re like one big, happy family (when I’m not picked on).

Sometimes a certain person gives me a hard time, but I give it right back. It’s all in fun and we enjoy it.

Friday we’d planned to have our Memorial Day picnic at Fishpond Lake, but instead we had it at our center because they were giving rain. But we had a great day anyway.

We gave out tickets for the gifts.

Messenger Florist donated us a pretty floral arrangement and Ed Pike won it. Colene Hart donated a jar of homemade apple butter, won by Janice Foster. Colene also donated a jar of homemade bread and butter pickles, won by Jack Stallard.

I wanted to win the apple butter, but I didn’t. Oh, well, maybe next time.

Ten dollars was won by Betty Newman, and Debbie Miranda won $10 also.

We had lots of food, goodies and drinks. Don Lucas came in carrying a dish of pickled eggs. They sure looked good, but I was too late to get one.

Tuesday we will be closed, as we are going to the drama at LCCHS to see the Wizard of Oz.

Wednesday we are having our pizza party that we won, and Friday is our big day, the senior prom. So come on, ladies, and wear your finest, and you gents do the same.

Let’s have a great time and enjoy it, as we are still recycled teenagers.

Monday, May 31, the veterans from Knott County will be at Whitesburg at the Veterans Memorial Museum. T

hey will have the 21- gun salute in honor of our deceased veterans. So please be there and support and honor them, as we all have had a loved one to serve our country, and show them we do appreciate them.

They will be giving each person there a flag, like they do each year.

So please let’s have a large crowd there. It will start at 1 p.m.

May God bless our soldiers who are fighting for our country today.

So for now, God bless until next time.

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