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It’s really scary when wild animals are running loose


The Kingscreek Community Church campout this weekend was really a God Gospel Event. There was a great turnout and the weather was great, hot and sunny all weekend long. There was so much food, hamburgers, barbecue ribs, fried potatoes, lettuce, onions, soup beans, green beans, baked beans, cole slaw, cakes, cookies and other desserts. Richard Ratliff and many others cooked all day Saturday and there was some good eating Saturday evening. There was a lot of good preaching and Gospel singing. Door prizes were given out and all the kids won a prize. This was the third year for the campout and hopefully there will be many more. The youth leaders had the blownup inflatables for the kids. The children really had fun playing on them. Marshmallows were roasted and everybody had a great time.

Last week Sandy Ison and Andrea Cornett kept hearing something outside. It sounded like a woman crying or something. Then they thought it sounded like a growling noise. When Sandy got up the next morning she found one half of a baby deer that looked like it had been ripped into in her flower bed. Apparently some kind of wild animal had attacked the deer. That was what they were hearing last winter. A bear had been seen in the same area. I think all these wild creatures are getting a little too close for comfort. Sandy and John and Andrea usually have children sleeping over at their houses. It is really getting scary when the wild beasts are running around but they are usually around when the children are asleep. I guess all the noise from the kids keeps them away. I told Sandy she needed to get the wildlife wardens to check this out. Her father said it could have been coyotes, a panther or a wildcat.

There are quite a few children in this area which makes one want to bolt and lock doors and keep all the children in. All this is really scary if you think about it.

Clyde Blair had a birthday this past week. Happy Birthday.

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