Whitesburg KY

It’s time for flowers to start coming up


Hello Everyone — I hope all have a HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY. And that you’re adjusting to the time change. I seem to be sleeping more. Even retired, it’s an adjustment twice a year.

Mike and I ate lunch at Paco’s in Whitesburg last week. The food was delicious and it came out quickly. We will be going there again. I’m excited over the KFC that is coming to our area. The new Dairy Queen building is making progress.

Janis Marr and children came in to visit last week. They visited Janis’s dad, John Campbell of Little Cowan, and her grandfather, Glen Brown of Whitesburg. John, Janis, Anna, Myles, Addy, Tucker, and Cami came over to visit Mike and me. I even got to watched Campbell Rose “Cami” for a little while. That was so much fun and she’s a good baby.

CAT enjoyed having everyone over as Myles and Addy played with him. Addy drew a picture of CAT and it’s great. She even got his claws in the picture. This picture will get framed. I have a bear drawing that Addy drew last year and it is framed. Thank you, Addison.

I did get a SCAM phone call this week from Brooklyn, New York. I was told to ‘put down my work immediately and press one’ or I would have legal issues. I had been asleep when I got this call and I’m retired so I don’t ‘work’. Therefore, I didn’t ‘press one’. I do worry about people who may press one because of the no nonsense voice. At least I’m not getting car warranty calls anymore.

John, Mike, and I have been playing a lot of Catan. I’m starting to win more.

Our daughter-in-law, Becky, sent out a family text. She has learned to drive a clutch. I am so proud of her. She said Brad was a good teacher. I’m thankful the sons (and their friends) learned to drive a clutch in our GEO Tracker years and years ago. We had two Trackers, one was manual and one was automatic. Sometimes I would get in the manual one and not figure out what was wrong. I took my driving test (many, many years ago) in a manual car. Memories.

I made a little office area in our bedroom. We bought a desk and I moved all of my papers out of the living room into the office area. I can look out the window and see the mountain.

I can see lots of flowers coming up and I sure hope they are tulips. About 15 years ago, I started planting tulip bulbs every year on the mountainside so they would be in bloom when we moved here. After a few years I stopped doing that. There are not as many tulips as I expected there to be. I’ll plant more bulbs this fall for next spring.

I did order cannas bulbs. I used to have a lot of them as I dug them up every year. I don’t know where they ended up and I do want to plant some in front of the windows. I do get a catalog from Burpee Seeds every year.

This week’s quote is attributed to Albert Einstein. “Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!”

Please send any news to CowanNews@aol.com. Thank you.

Have a wonderful week and wear a mask.

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