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It’s time to plant garden seeds


Hello everyone — I’m so glad that the warmer weather has returned. I bought flowers to plant and I’m looking forward to planting stuff. I have seeds to plant and hopefully my watermelons and pumpkins grow.

The May birthdays are as follow:

May 2 – Judy Allen; May 3 – Charles Sams, Bennett Welch; May 4 – Cara Eskew; May 6 – Michael Marr; May 7 – Sherrie Brown, Curt Wenning; Robert Caudill; May 9 – Brie Decker; May 10 – Rusty Akers; May 12 – Tina Wenning; May 17 – Kevin Day; May 18 – Helen Scott Tolliver; May 19 – Wes Yonts, Derek Fullekamp; May 21 – Russ Haley; May 22 – Mike Harris; May 24 – Earlena Fields Hume; May 25 – Gail Brewster; May 27 – Hannah Harris; May 28 – Brad Wenning; May 29 – Douglas Caudill; May 30 – Amie Daniels.

My grandpa, Cassel Caudill, would have had his 120th birthday on May 27. He was born in 1901.

May 2 will be 18 years since my mother, Emma Lou Caudill Campbell, passed away. She’s still missed.

My sister, Susan Ware of Lexington, came in for the weekend. We played a lot of Catan while she was here. Susie, Mike, and I drove to Pikeville one day. We went to Rural King and Susie took a short video of the baby chicks. It was a good weekend. Happy birthday to Susie on April 30.

My nephew, Michael Campbell of Newport, came in for the weekend. He stopped in Berea and picked up his nephew (my great-nephew) Myles Marr. Myles is the son of Janis and Michael Marr of Berea. They stayed with Michael’s dad, John Campbell of Little Cowan. Michael and Myles also visited Glen Brown of Whitesburg over the weekend. Glen is Michael’s grandfather and Myles’s great-grandfather. They had a good visit and they participated in Catan games.

John, Susie, Michael, Myles, Mike, and I went out for dinner Saturday night. We went to Sazon Mexican Restaurant. We were just sitting and talking when Michael noticed people sitting in a booth by us. It was friends he had not seen in 20 years or more. Sonji and Jonathan Adams were eating beside us. Michael left our table to sit with them. It was so nice to see the reunion.

Mike and I went to the Letcher County Soil Conservation District office last week. They had a day where you could drive through the parking lot and pick up a bag of seeds. This service was free to residents of Letcher County. I’m glad we went.

About every evening around 11 o’clock, there are lights in the western sky. We think they are communication satellites sent up by Elon Musk. Mike is going to set up his telescope to get a closer look. Apparently, these lights have been seen in other states. It’s interesting.

Feel Better Wishes are being sent to Randy Brown of Little Cowan, Janice Wolod of Annapolis, Maryland, Ramona Caudill of Little Cowan, Janie Banks Barnett of Louisville, and Teresa Baker Cooper of Charleston, South Carolina.

Our son Brad sent a text Sunday night and I’m going to call him tonight to get more details. He’s in a Jeep group which went on a ride, and he met someone from Big Cowan. It’s a small world. I don’t know where they were riding but that was so neat.

I wrote letters and sent cards this past week. I had text messages with cousins Debbie Vice and Kathy LaMonte. A friend from Ohio, Pam Gutshall, called me Sunday afternoon and we caught each other up with things going on. Communicating and connecting with each other is so important.

Our cat, CAT, is doing fine. He has discovered the toilet paper holder in the bathroom and likes to unwind toilet paper sometimes. He knocked a candy dish off the counter and broke it. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but it was a candy dish from my Great Aunt Elsie Banks. It was sad for me. CAT does enjoy being on the screen porch. He could stay out there all day. We put a litterbox and water dish out there so he would have what he needs. He watches every bird and bee that is out there. It’ll be interesting to see how he reacts when a bear walks through.

Callie Akers is graduating from Jefferson County High School, Dandridge, Tennessee in May. Callie is graduating Summa Cum Laude with State Honors and Distinction. She will be attending East Tennessee State University in the fall as part of its honors programs. Callie is the daughter of Rusty and Tori Akers of Talbot, Tennessee and the granddaughter of John and Barbara Banks of Cowan. Congratulations, Callie.

Olivia Grace Fulton is graduating from Manchester Academy, Yazoo City, Mississippi in May. Olivia is the daughter of Elissa Fulton of Tinsley, Mississippi and the granddaughter of Shirley and Mike Harris of Tinsley, Mississippi. Congratulations, Gracee.

When my Great Aunt Nora Boyd was 89 years old, she wrote a poem titled “Kentucky Hills” that I want to share with everyone.


In the hills of Old Kentucky

Where you’re living if you are lucky.

Where the cool summer breeze,

Goes singing through the trees.

And the warm golden sun,

As it goes from East to West,

Sheds its beams on every crest.

Old Pine Mountain how I love you.

For 89 years, you have towered above me.

In your beautiful trees the birds build nests,

And in your shade the animals rest.

And before pollution your beautiful stream

Went flowing clearly in a fisherman’s dream.

And on the hill high above town,

The old High Rock still looks down

Like a Sphinx against the sky,

Bringing memories of days gone by.

When I was a teenager young and spry.

This week’s quote is attributed to Deepak Chopra. “If you want to do really important things in life and big things in life, you can’t do anything by yourself. And your best teams are your friends and siblings.”

If you have news, please email COWANNEWS@aol.com. Thanks.

Have a great week and stay safe. I’m still wearing a mask.

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