Whitesburg KY

It’s time to plant peas, lettuce

Happy Easter to everyone!

Oh how wonderful to see the daffodils in bloom. Such a wonderful, soothing sight for my eyes to behold. I really thank God to be spared to see this sight once more as it has been a hard time for me.

I have a couple of hyacinths blooming in my yard, and one small bunch of daffodils is almost ready to bloom.

Southern Ohio

I bet there are several that have already got their gardens partially planted. I remember Mommy trying to get her lettuce bed, onions, and peas planted as close to Feb. 14 as possible.

Ricky Caudill already has his peas and mustard in the dirt. Last year when Ricky would talk about giving his excess produce away to his neighbors, my mouth watered as you can hardly find the edible peas in the pod in this area. When you do you can’t afford them as they are so expensive.

If I can find some sugar snap peas I am thinking about sticking the seeds in the ground among my iris and let them vine up my chain link fence.

Several years ago I set out tomato plants in my yard and the deer ate the plants along with my lettuce.

It has been a long time since I’ve had a garden. I still miss it, though I know I am not able to do the work I used to do.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers once again. It was a rainy, foggy day and I really didn’t expect a good turnout. All at once we had a great crowd and plenty of musicians.

Les and Pat Wagner, I bet as quick as the weather breaks you will be heading to the mountains. Is there room in the back of your truck for an old woman?

Hillbilly Days will be here before long. I hope my health improves so I can attend, as I really enjoy going to this event.

I am sorry I forgot what day it is, so until next time.

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