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It’s time to think about Christmas shopping

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Brr! Yep, it’s a cold ‘un here this morning. We had a few flakes of snow for Thanksgiving, nothing to brag about though. The worst was the cold wind blowing.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one and you didn’t overeat, which is one thing I can do very well. We had a good day. Charles and Delores were here and Billy Wayne and Redia joined us. We had the turkey with all the goodies that go with it, and lots of desserts, pumpkin, pecan, dried apple, and lemon pies, stack cake and Jello salads. Hoping to finish off all the leftovers today. Bill and Redia are bringing Christopher and Meagan by for lunch (dinner to us). We still have breakfast, dinner and supper.

Catherine, Jeremy, and Valerie went to Columbus to have Thanksgiving dinner with Jeremy’s mom, his sister and her family.

Richard, Georgia and their family, along with the Resors, had their dinner at the fellowship hall at North Lake Baptist Church in Amherst. Most of them belong or attend there. Ricky married Joyce Resor and Debbie is married to Billy Resor.

Red just got a call from his niece, Carleta (Engle) Adams. She is really good about calling to check up on us. I have gotten several calls this week and all were most welcome.

Hello to Bobby Joe and Madonna. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and both are well.

While Charles and Delores were here, we listened to some of the best music and we all really enjoyed every minute of it. If some of you haven’t gotten to hear “Bobby Joe’s Gospel Jubilee” on B.O.U.N.C.Eradio.net, you really should try it one time and I’m sure you will become a faithful listener. For this program alone, I almost wish we were more up to date and owned a computer. I still tell everyone I write or talk to about it, even the ones we attend church with. I don’t think anyone can listen without being happy and uplifted, even though I can only go by the CD’s Bobby Joe and Madonna have sent to Red and me. Bless you both and I say this with a thankful heart.

I have talked to most of my brothers and sisters and some cousins. Everyone was well and getting ready for Turkey Day. Sarah Belle was sorta planning to go to Louisville to have dinner with Jeanie and her family. Just hope she was able to make it. There’s nothing like spending holidays or just any time with family.

Friday was supposed to be one of the biggest shopping days of the season and some of the stores around here opened about 4 a.m. People were already lined up and waiting long before. Ain’t no way I would try to fight my way through the crowds, hoping I might get a bargain. They really should set aside one day for us old ‘uns only. Think I’ll put that in a suggestion box somewhere.

I’m way behind on my shopping with only a month to go. I’d better get busy. It’s hard when you have 12 great-grandchildren, five grandchildren (and their spouses). Of course everyone seems to be pleased with whatever we give them. I think they mostly enjoy opening the gifts more than what’s inside. Red has already bought my gift, a 2007 Holiday Barbie (I have one for each year since they came out with them).

I’d still love to have an oldfashioned Christmas with a fresh-cut tree, handmade ornaments, and gifts like we got as children, dolls for the girls, cars or cap pistols for the boys. Also clothing we might need, mittens or socks, and apples, oranges, nuts, and candy. Such fun we had playing with the toys and we made the goodies last as long as we possibly could. Mom always fixed a special dinner, no turkey, but fried chicken or chicken and dumplings, ‘taters, both kinds, (baked sweet potatoes, others mashed), shuckey beans, and she always had a stack cake and one or two others, all made from scratch. It was always a very special day for the whole family, no work, no school, and lots of eating and playing. I would love to go back one more time but will have to settle for all the good memories.

I just talked to Ronald Buford. He said he and his little granddaughter were hanging out. They were on their way to Home Depot to pick up some bird seed. All his and Johnell’s families spent Thanksgiving with them.

Gotta get this ready for Bill to take home with him so he can e-mail it for me. Catherine has to go to work early.

So, for everyone, my wishes for a great day and sending love and prayers to all.

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