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Ivan and Freda Adams doing better


Sorry I haven’t written for the last few weeks, so I’ll try to catch back up.

Our sympathy goes out to those who have lost loved ones recently.

Alamander Blair, who was the son of the late Emmitt and Mae Howard Blair of Doty Creek, died. His wife, Billie Nadine, had been gone for about a year and a half, and since then Al had moved to Kingscreek to be near Clem and his family. We’re sorry for their loss.

Daralene Adkins Caudill of Rockhouse, wife of Billie Dean Caudill, died also since I wrote last. She hadn’t been well for awhile. Our sympathy to her husband, children, and the rest of the family.

It was such a snowy day that many couldn’t make it to the funeral.

Our friend, Barbara Boggs of Cowan, died after a long battle with a debilitating sickness, which she managed with for years. She continued to attend church with her daughter’s help for many years, but later had to live at Letcher Manor.

Her family and friends will miss her loving nature and sweet personality.

A lot of sadness has been throughout the area.

A few weeks ago Ivan and Freda Adams both spent a few days in the hospital. The doctor put them both in the same hospital room so they could be together. After they got home, Ivan fell and had to have stitches in his head, but this has been a couple of weeks ago, and things are better with them now.

Evangene Adams of Blair Branch hasn’t been well lately and spent some time in the hospital, and had some tests while there. We’ve been missing her and Arizona, and hope things are better for them by now.

A birthday party was held at Letcher Manor Nursing Home last Sunday for Minnie Blair of Blair Branch. Her family got together with her to make it a special day. They had to postpone it a week since we had a big snow on the day it was originally planned.

Robert Halcomb of Isom spent some time in the hospital recently, but is doing much better.

Irene Dixon had to be taken from Letcher Manor to the hospital for a few days. She seemed to be some better when we visited her at the nursing home last Sunday. Lee and Wilma Pridemore were there helping her out.

Also, get well wishes to Danny ‘ Hoot’ Campbell, Betty Sue Back and Geraldine Ison.

We finally got a big snow and most of us lost our electricity for awhile. Some lost it for a short while, but others weren’t so lucky and were without electricity for a few days. But the snow melted very quickly and was mostly gone the next day.

Bob and I were happy to have a visit from Doug and ‘Doe-Doe’ Raglin and Johnny Combs last Saturday. Doug and Doe-Doe had been in Florida and stopped here on their way back to Michigan. They visited Hazel Adams at Letcher Manor and later spent the night with Johnny before leaving on Sunday morning to visit Luther and Betty Jo Adams at Morehead.

We have another new baby in our family. Shane and Amber Pridemore Williams had their baby last Thursday at Pikeville Hospital. Baby Derrick Keith weighed over seven pounds and is doing well after a few problems at first, and got home from the hospital last Saturday.

He and his first cousin, Isaiah Ellis, are both named after their uncle, Ellis Keith Pridemore Jr., who was looking so forward to the babies, but died before they came.

Keith was named after his dad, Ellis Keith (K.P.), who in turned was named after our uncle, Ellis Caudill, and after his dad, Don Keith Pridemore. Although Ellis and Aunt Margaret had no children of their own, Ellis’s name has carried on through three generations now.

Tommy Harris Smith, Lillie Moss Hale and Mary Jo Blair have returned to Jeremiah after spending a couple of months in Florida. The weather here is warming up, and they wanted to come back home.

Toby and Colleen Breeding’s daughter, June, and her husband, have also returned to their Spring Branch home.

That’s all I have time for this week. Maybe I’ll keep better notes and have more next week.

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