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Jack Frost visits Ohio

Northeast Ohio

Howdy, and I hope everyone had a pleasant week. Ours was fine if you discount that I think we just about had it all except warm, snow and sleet. We have had plenty rain, winds, cold and last night Mr. Jack Frost came visiting. I’m not really sure just how I feel about winter. It gives me a chance to catch up on my quilting but I do not like cold weather, never did. We’ve had our furnace on pretty much lately. Oh well, we takes what we gets.

I got to see Brooklyn. She is such a tiny thing. Still only 4 pounds, 4 ounces, but is doing great. Red was astounded, he had never held one so small.

I’m getting ready for another trip to Louisville, though it will be a short one. I’m going down with friends Steve and Joan Slone. We’ll be leaving around five o’clock Saturday morning and come back late Sunday evening. I will have more about this next week. Just hope we have some decent weather, no rain.

I haven’t talked to too many. Bill and Redia did stop by with her brother Margin, who was visiting from Columbus. He had stopped at an Amish farm and brought some of the biggest tomatoes I believe I have ever seen. Don’t know how many he gave Bill and Redia but he did bring one for us, enough to last a week. I talked to Jettie, she and Chester are both well, but like us having to have their heat on. Talked to Georgia, she’s still having problems with her sinuses and has a doctor’s appointment.

The sun has finally made an appearance and it has warmed up just a smidgen. I’m waiting till it gets warmer, I need to pick some mustard. I can probably get enough for Bill and Redia also.

Oma Hatton, I hope you are taking care of yourself. Every time I think about you, which is often, I send up a little prayer on your behalf.

I’m still behind on my letter writing, seems the more I write the more behind I get. Another cold weather job.

Red just got a call from his brother Charles. He called from Johnson City, Tenn., where they are visiting their daughter and granddaughter, Darla and Abby Rea. Everyone seems to be doing well.

I didn’t get to pick mustard greens as it was too cold to go barefoot and too cold to go mud wading and let it squish between my toes. Maybe next week.

It’s just a short note this week, but I’m hoping to have lots to write about next week. Leaving everyone with a big howdy and love and prayers to all.

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