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Jack Morgan remembered by family, friends

The new year has sprang upon us.

The first Tuesday came upon us as a holiday, making our first meeting of the year on Tuesday, Jan. 15, and so it begins. There were 17 members present for our first meeting this year, Jan. 15, and as always, after a long break it was more social than business.

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a prayer. Next, a look back at the old business brought about the Christmas Blessings that each of us experienced during the Christmas and New Year’s season. The laugh of the night was provided by Lion Mackie as we discussed our part in the Christmas giveaway sponsored by church members and individuals at the Martha Jane Elementary School and the churches in other states that donated to this cause as well as those who came along to help with the set-up and giveaway event.

Our own Lion Mackie Cook got so involved that at one point someone snapped a picture of him hard at work as he put a bicycle together . . . upside down. Also discussed was the LCCHS event held the next week, where once again several members from the Fleming-Neon Lions Club were present and helped. All jokes aside, however, the Lions Club was only a small part of the great number of volunteers from the community, school officials, teachers and students who contributed to both events, a wonderful time with wonderful people from the community, church members from other states who actually made it happen.

Also all the individuals from other states who were there, and the help of all those who were not there who donated great, new toys for the children, clothes and shoes for the families, as well as household goods and other merchandise that came from their hearts. The spirit of helping the needy across this country culminating together in such an event cannot be measured.

It was also reported that three of our members appeared on the WXKQ Roundtable earlier that week to inform the community about these events.

We also were informed at our meeting, for those who did not yet know, that our blessed friend and member, Lion Jack Morgan, has been placed in Hospice care, which saddened our hearts.

And just before the meeting was adjourned, Lion Richard G. Hall requested that the opening of our meetings be reversed so as to open the meeting with the prayer first, especially since we meet in God’s house and that the church ladies provide our supper, then followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and country. Everyone agreed and agreed that a vote was not necessary, so beginning at our next meeting we will open with a prayer followed by the Pledge, and the meeting was adjourned.

It has been a busy week for me, and I am a week behind getting this report out, and during the meantime we received word on Tuesday that our fellow Lion Jack Morgan had passed. All had been saddened by the news, although Jack had requested that the family not mourn his passing but to celebrate his life, a life of which God had been very much a part of. So in regard to that, services were held for Jack on Thursday night, in which he was honored by the Neon Masonic Lodge, of which he was a member, and on Friday, he was honored with small tribute by the Lions Club at the beginning of the service, followed by an introduction of services by Pastor and Lions Club Member, Mark Wagner. This was followed by the reading of his obituary by his daughters.

Bishop Willie Lamb then spoke a few kind and loving words about Jack followed with remembrance of Jack, one again by his daughter, highlighting his personality, his love of God, his love of life and the many things Jack had said and related to them throughout his life. He loved life, friends, and family. After they related Jack’s gift of using words in his comments during life, the congregation was asked if they had anything they would like to share with us in their relationship, and great number of people spoke of their feeling and remembrance of Jack.

All this was a moving tribute to the life of a man, who continually began each day, referring to God as what makes each day special.

Jack will long be remembered by family, friends and everyone, and everyone who had a personal connection to him. May God continually bless this family.

Jack Morgan, September 21, 1939-January 21, 2019

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