Whitesburg KY

Jail deputies hurt stopping escape

Four deputy jailers were slightly injured and an inmate was taken to the hospital for examination after he allegedly attempted to escape.

The inmate, Joshua Ray Fleming, 37, was in jail after being arrested January 7 for driving under the influence. He is now charged with attempted escape, criminal mischief and three counts of third-degree assault on a jail employee.

Jailer Bert Slone, who took office the day before, said the incident occurred shortly after 6:30 p.m., January 8.

β€œI had two guards that were attempting to take an inmate from a dry cell to a restroom and he tried to break away from them,” Slone said.

He said two additional deputies joined the scuffle, and got Fleming back under control and into a restraint chair after about 15 minutes .

He was transported to the hospital by ambulance as a result of the scuffle, and was returned to the jail later that night, Slone said.

Slone said he was attending a fiscal court meeting when deputies called to notify him the incident was going on. When he arrived, Slone said deputies had already restrained Fleming.

β€œHe was in an irate state and they had him in the chair, so I thought it was best to have him checked out,” Slone said.

He said all four deputies received minor injuries, but a typographical error on the warrant only charges Fleming with three counts of assault. He said that will be corrected when the charges are presented to a grand jury.

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