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James and Christine Fields to mark 41 years

Big Cowan

Sorry, folks about not having news last week as my husband and I were in Indiana for Thanksgiving with our son Chad and his family. The weather was really nasty rain, snow, sleet, snow then rained again and very windy and cold temperatures, around 37 most of the time. We ate at the Iron Skillet at New Point and had the Thanksgiving buff et and the food was excellent.

On Thanksgiving morning, we got up and went to McDonald’s for coffee — lights on, cars in drive-thru, people trying to go in. After a few minutes we realized they were closed. As we were leaving, we saw the big sign that read ‘Closed Thanksgiving Day, will reopen 4 a.m. on Black Friday.’ Talk about feeling stupid. On the way home, we got turned around twice after driving back and forth for over 40 years. Guess we have been gone from Indiana far too long. Now ain’t that something. Ha! Ha!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and is now getting ready for Christmas.

Late happy birthday to Oma Hatton and glad she had a good time!

December birthdays: Dec. 1, Linda Polly; Dec. 3, Melinda Daniel (‘K-K’) turned 39; Dec. 16, Little Marty Fields, age 7; Dec. 16, Delse Banks of Cumberland, formerly of Cowan, will be 65; Dec. 25, Barbara Ann Maggard Boggs; Dec. 25, Charlie Miles will be 68; Dec. 25, our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the reason for the season; Dec. 16, Marvin Taylor Sr., may the old rooster enjoy his day and not do a lot of crowing, ha! ha!; Dec. 14, Peggy at Dr. Bill Collins’s office will be 21, happy birthday from Melinda Daniel and enjoy your day!; Dec. 26, Dasia Rae Fields will be 14, granddaughter of Archie and Margaret Fields; Dec. 29, Margaret Pack Fields, my sister-in-law, married to Archie Ray Fields; Dec. 29, Colton Whitaker, son of Amber Trent, will be 4 years old; Dec. 5, James Polly will be 34, happy birthday from your family Linda, Rick and Christy, and they love you very much.

Professor Christopher Allen Adams, son of Emma and George Adams, will have a birthday on Dec. 12. He will be 36. We wish you a good one and we love you! His dad George’s is on Dec. 24.

A late happy birthday to Grant Fields, who turned 34 on Nov. 29. He is the son of Judy and Astor Fields Jr.

My mother Mary Fields would have been 87 years old on Dec. 13. She and my dad Jasper would have been married 67 years on Dec. 7. They have both gone home to be with the Lord.

Hazel and Earl Rayburn would have been married 66 years on Dec. 6. Earl has gone home to be with the Lord also.

My nephew Marty Allen Fields went home to be with the Lord Dec. 14, 1990. He would have been 36 years old.

We have lots of relatives that have gone on before. We miss them every day but seems like the holidays are harder since they are not with us, but they are always in our hearts and memories! But we have the joy of knowing that they are in a much better place.

James and I will be married 41 years on Dec. 21 (poor James). It has not always been an easy road and we’ve had our ups and downs, but through it all we have made it thus far. I want to wish my husband a very happy anniversary and say that I love him very much and I thank him for being a good father, good grandpa, a good provider for his family and — when I am not ready to kill him — a good husband! Happy 41st!

Now, for saying all the good stuff about him, where is my diamond? Just kidding. We have two wonderful sons and three beautiful granddaughters and for that I am very thankful.

On Dec. 15, Pastor Dock Frazier and all the congregation invite everyone to their Christmas program, “The Christmas Puzzle.” I think it starts at 6 p.m.

I heard the Freewill Baptist Church at Dunham with Calvin Morgan Bates as pastor has been doing really well and their church is growing. He and his wife Pat invite everyone to attend.

Churches will prosper as long as God is in them and we wish all the churches the best.

Well, I have finally run out of things to write about. Attend the church of your choice. Be good to one another and pray for one another. We all have our shortcomings and that is why we need to be kept in your prayers and may God bless each and every one of you until next time. Stay in, stay warm, and stay safe.

Sometimes with all the hustle and bustle of the season we feel like we are a basket case, but remember, “Moses was a basket case.”

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