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James Fields to have surgery

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hope all had a good week.

Thank God the election is over. Maybe not everyone got whom they wanted, but we need to pray for our leaders and remember God is in control and will supply our needs.

Just about everyone said they prayed for God to put the best man in office, so let’s just accept him and support him when he is right and things will work out.

Been a very busy week with doctor’s appointments. Husband having surgery on his hand for carpal tunnel. Haven’t slept in since time changed. Surgery went well, he’s just sore.

Birthdays this week are: Hager Trent, Nov. 16, happy birthday; and yours truly, Christine Fields, on Nov. 20.

Anniversary: Wayne and Missy Fields will be married 23 years on Nov. 20. Congratulations.

Brack and Linda Dollarhide Sexton are proud grandparents to a baby boy, Ridge Landon Hays, who was born Oct. 22 at Whitesburg Hospital, to Mary and Brett Sexton Hays. Congratulations to all.

Sorry to hear that Novake Banks, 81, died. She was married to the late Raymond Banks and was a sister in-law to Loreva Fields.

She was such a beautiful lady and really nice. When my sister and I were younger, she came in from Indiana and brought us clothes that her daughters had outgrown. We felt like a million bucks. We had never worn shorts or slacks until then, and we loved them.

She came to visit Irene and Eugene Day back in the summer and was in bad health then.

My sympathy goes out to her daughters, Jerry, Francis, Elaine and Angie, and the rest of her family. She will be missed by all who knew her. Also surviving is her husband, Luther Francis of Columbus, Ind.

Prayers this week for: Irene and Eugene Day; Mary Ann Maggard; pray for me, having a heart checkup; Michelle and Paul Murphy; Joyce and Dean Wilson; Lorraine Miles Stuart; Melinda Daniel; Mike Fields; James Fields; Eddie and Kathy Wolfe; Odessa and Ruben Lewis; Wayne and Tammy Turner; Pat and Charles Large.

Pray for all our neighbors, friends and loved one. May God bless each and every one. Attend the church of your choice, and be good to each other until next time.

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