Whitesburg KY

James Fields’s great-grandson is his image

Hello everyone! Hoping all had a blessed week. Still not getting to church very often because of work.

I really love being around God’s people and getting fed spiritually. Just keep me in prayer.

I have been sick a few days but doing some better. Thanks to my sister and friend in church, Linda Brown, for calling me. She is much appreciated and called at the right time. God knows when to send comfort.

I heard my pastor’s wife, Jeannie Adams, had been in the hospital a few days. Keep her in prayer. She is such an inspiration to me also.

Prayer list this week is: Jeannie Adams, Pastor Frank Adams, Lonnie Mullins, Faye Lowe, Cora Sturgill, Jasmine Collins, Bug Yonts, Charles Large, Tim Amburgey, Jessie Faye Combs, Linda Brown, Amber Trent, Hager and Margaret Trent, and all the church and pastors in Letcher County.

Big Cowan

I ran into Bobby Bates on Saturday at Walmart. He is doing well. He asked me if I liked my baby (Kia Soul). I had not mentioned it for awhile. I told him of course. When I bought the car it had 23,000 miles on it and now has 67,000 miles. So yes, I would say I love driving it.

Just wished my payment was not so high. Cannot trade for newer one because I owe more than it’s worth. So I will keep on doing the boogie in my hamster mobile.

I see pictures of Lanceton of Facebook, and he looks just like his greatgramps, James E. Fields, especially when he makes those little faces. Looks like he is saying, “Who, me?” Grammy sure does miss getting to see him daily.

They are all doing well and Chad is tickled to death to be a grandpa and it being a boy after he had all girls. So I guess he doesn’t think being a grandpa is bad after all. Now he knows why I love my granddaughters so much.

Mike is doing well and he thinks being a great-uncle is okay, even though he does not see him very much as they live in Batesville, Ind., and he lives in Greensburg, Ind.

I went to the DAV in Hazard Saturday night and had a great time dancing, and they really serve good food there. My leg was sore Sunday from dancing, but it was really fun. Thanks, Poppy and Bones, for the dances.

Thanks to The Mountain Eagle and WTRE (Swap Shop), I gave all the puppies away and also found a good home for the male dog (Moses). I still have two female dogs, one older and a one-year-old, to give away, and the one lady I gave the male puppy to wants to give him away as she is too busy to take care of him and train him properly. He is the Jack Russell-Toy Doberman mix, born with a docked tail. His name is Rebel.

If interested, call me at 633-0439, and if she still has him I will let you know. They were all adorable and playful. Hope the others are doing well in their new homes.

Well folks, going to go for now. Have a great week and may God bless.

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