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James, Gaynell Fields mark 15th wedding anniversary


It’s me again back for another visit. Really good to be back and hope you’ve had an especially good week. Yes, I’d love a cup of coffee and that pie looks delicious; just a small slice, please.

Have you had any rain lately? It has been and still is a little soggy here. Some cities and towns have had much flooding. Seems there’s a lot of that all across the country. It just breaks your heart to see all the devastation and the loss of lives. My prayers go out to all.

I had a delightful phone visit with Beulah Bentley of Jackson, Ohio. I just love talking with friends and relatives. I have one regret; I never had the pleasure of meeting everyone years ago and face to face. Still love ’em, though.

I want to thank Joe Bates for the invitation to attend the Bates reunion. It was held at Wakeman, Ohio, this year, maybe close to 20 miles from here. Had I known in time I would have made plans to be there. I really did consider it but got company. Maybe next year. Hope all had a great time, and would like someone to let me know all about the picnic and all the out-of-town visitors?

Catharine seems to really like being a waitress. Hope she doesn’t get tired or discouraged.

You should have seen Red – he went mudding. We had our first day with no rain in several days and had some beans and tomatoes that needed to be gathered and taken care of. We’re drying some of the beans (Red loves shucky beans) and cooked a pot. Some tomatoes went home with Bill and Redia. The rest was made into juice. We still have several beans and a lot of tomatoes that will have to be taken care of.

I just talked to Ron. He’s on his way to pick up a trailer to deliver to Ontario, Canada. That boy is sure ’nuff a go-getter. He said Johnell is well and planning a trip to visit a sister in Mississippi. My love to both of them.

Red talked to his brother and sister-in-law, Chalmer and Goldie Engle, at Letcher Manor. They have been residents there for several years.

We’re getting company August 31, Red’s youngest sister, Jean Hunsucker of Eolia; sister Mae of Pound, Va., Mae’s daughter, Irma Perry, Nickolsville, Va., and Irma’s daughter, Cassandra Sproles, and Cassandra’s daughter, Kimminie, a toddler. We’re looking forward to seeing them. It’s always most enjoyable.

Hello to Gene (Bud) and Brenda Caudill. Haven’t heard a word from you for some time. I do hope both of you are well. Also, greetings to Dennis and Linda Back. I would like to know about Parlee, is she well? I miss reading her column. Dennis, I have a new e-mail address which is emmalouengle@yahoo.com. If you don’t mind please let me know. OK? Thanks!

You should see the picture I received by mail. Gaynell Fields sent me a couple pictures of a beautiful bride, her granddaughter, Jessica, and her handsome new husband Lee Garrett. They were married July 14. She also sent a picture of Jessica and her beautiful mom, Jennifer Hall of Jenkins.

I would like to send belated congratulations to James and Gaynell Fields on their 15th wedding anniversary which was August 20. Love you both. Wishing you well and many, many more happy years together.

I got a call from Colleen Craft, Fairland, Ind. We really had a good visit. I just love talkin’ with good ole Letcher County folk and even them that ain’t from there. Fact is, I do like hearing from anyone anywhere.

I have talked to Chester and Jettie and Richard and Georgia. They are doing OK. Ricky and his family got back from a trip to a park at Geneva on the Lake, Ohio. Just in time as school started August 22. I’m writing on Wednesdays now. I have to so Catharine can send it in when she has a day off.

Don’t forget the Letcher County Day picnic on Sept. 15 from 1 to 6 p.m. at Mill Hollow Park, Vermilion, Ohio. Come one, come all. Hope we have a record crowd this year.

Saturday and Sunday is Little Edna Church time. We will most likely attend but I’m sure we won’t be going anywhere the first Saturday and Sunday in September. Our company will be here then. It will be Pleasant View Church time at Litchfield, which is a pretty good distance. But I do like going there, a lot of nice people. That is true of all the churches.

I will say so long. See you next week same time, same place. In the meantime be safe, healthy and happy and peace be with all now and always.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain Ohio 44055, 1-400-233- 7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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