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Jamie Niece preaches at three-night revival


REUNION — These former Marlowe residents stand in front of the Marlowe store at a reunion which took place

REUNION — These former Marlowe residents stand in front of the Marlowe store at a reunion which took place “a long time ago,” says Whitesburg correspondent Oma Hatton. Pictured are Phillip Conner, John Brown, Dan Combs, Frank Necessary, Clyde Hatton, Bill Howard, John Stidham, and Eli Banks. Dan Combs is the only one in the group who is still living.

Hello everyone. It’s me again. Hope you are all doing well. Last week was a good week.

Iva Cheatham of Stanford, it was good hearing from you, the pretty card and the paper you had in it. It meant a lot to me. I still think about the day you and your children Brenda and Jackie came out and had lunch with me. I hadn’t seen the kids since they were small children.

I’ve enjoyed going back up to the Ermine Center. There was a house full Nov. 3, every chair was taken up. It was good seeing everyone. I haven’t been getting out much except going to church. I had been going so much, it’s been good getting to stay home not doing much, just being lazy and watching time fly by.

I went to a shower for Kendra Howard, daughter of Patty and Mike Howard. It was at Pizza Hut. The pizzas were delicious. She got lots of nice gifts and a good crowd attended. I hadn’t had pizza in a while and I sure enjoyed it.

We had a three-night revival at our church, last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Bro. Jamie Niece preached for us and we sure did enjoy hearing him. His wife Juda sure can sing and play that piano. I was sure looking forward to Thursday night.

My phone is keeping me company. My sisters Joann Brown and Judy Greene and Roberta Willie, Rob and my other sons all call often. I appreciate them all.

Linda Hall called to tell me her brother Hugh Pennington liked the picture of our family. I’ve known him since he was a little boy. His daughter Regina was having a birthday on Nov. 3. I hope it was a happy birthday.

Anna Watkins, I’m sorry I missed your call. I tried to call you back and couldn’t reach you. I’ve been intending to write you a letter.

Our sympathy goes out to the families of Renfro Baker and Bro. Jack Sparks. I know what it feels like to lose a family member. I’m thankful for all the support I got from my family and friends and some I didn’t even know. It was so nice of them to think of me.

We are all proud of our people for all the great support given to Travis Morton’s family. Our prayers are all for him and his family.

I enjoyed having lunch with Brenda and Charles Howard on his birthday. I don’t see as much of my family as I’d like. Most have jobs and that’s good.

Sandra and Billy Hatton spent the weekend at their lake house. They always enjoy that.

I was glad to have my son Astor and his wife Rosemary for a visit.

One of John Brown’s daughters I met at the walking track wanted some pictures of her dad at a Marlowe reunion. I have some of her. If she will let me know her address, I will send them to her.

Jerry Barker was telling me his wife Alberta had been in the hospital for injuries from a fall. She’s out now and doing better. I hope you are all well by now, Alberta.

Anna Watkins, I ran into R.C. Day at Walmart. He said tell you hello next time I talked to you. I told him we had talked that day.

It was good seeing Joann Bowens also. I hadn’t seen her in a long time. She looked really good! She said Maggie Bowens was having some health problems.

I also saw Danny Adams and his son Joseph. It was good seeing them. I hadn’t seen Joseph in a long time. He looked great! I also saw Lennon Hammock at the gas pump. Seems like everyone was needing gas. I think everyone was out. I think I talked a lot. I love being around people.

There was a Christmas bazaar at Flowers by Lisa. She has such a good selection of beautiful flowers and gifts. It’s down by Farm Bureau on Dry Fork. Go by and see her. She will appreciate it. Our church had a food booth there and it was really doing good. We have some real good workers in our church and we sure appreciate them.

There were lots of other booths there and all seemed to be doing good. The day was perfect weather and lots of people were out.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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