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January weather is a rollercoaster

Hello everywhere! I hope everyone is surviving this rollercoaster ride of January weather!

One day it’s so warm you can wear a short-sleeve shirt, the following day you are back to long johns, coat and everything to keep warm. Let’s not forget the freezing rain and black ice.

Once again I can say I am grateful we’ve not had it as bad as other states.

Friday evening, Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers performed at North College Hill Coffee Shop which is not too far from where I live. Vicki Power and I made plans to go, but there was a freezing rain weather advisory for several surrounding counties including where we live.

We toyed with the idea as they kept changing times when it would actually become freezing rain. Finally I decided it was best to postpone going. Well guess what? The road temperature never did get to freezing.

My dear friend Ricky Caudill who lives in the mountains of eastern Kentucky whom I love dearly, checked the weather radar in this area, advising me to go enjoy the Lady Slippers, and even suggesting I let Vicki drive. I laughed and replied I was scared of freezing rain and black ice, I don’t care who is driving.

If God is willing for me to live it will be spring in a couple of months, and if health permits I will be out and about. For now I will just have to be content with wishful thinking.

I finally called to check on Johnny and Ann Calihan as I can’t go very long without hearing from Ann. Now it seems Ann is keeping company with something named “Arthur” who is visiting her too much. It has settled in her back, her knee, and sometimes in her hands and arms.

I’ve never seen it fail no matter how sick I am nor how much pain that Ann is in that we don’t end up laughing over something.

Johnny is so patient with Ann and he tries to help her any way he can. Ann will go in the kitchen and try to prepare meals no matter how she feels.

Again I will say my life has been so blessed to have this couple in my life and to know how many years our family has been connected.

There’s something I’ve been meaning to mention since I was made my trip to the mountains in November. I made a pit stop at a little place called All in One Basket, as I wanted to pick up one particular item. While browsing I found a stack of cookbooks.

It is no secret that I love cookbooks. I can read them like a novel, and since I can’t enjoy food I torture myself by still occasionally looking at them.

I picked up a hardback cookbook, Mountain Recipe Collection, by Valerie S. Ison. I made a remark to Peggy, the owner of the shop, that at least I don’t have to buy this one as I already have it.

Southern Ohio

Peggy replied that it was a second edition, with poetry added by Valerie’s brother Kenzie Ison. I finally decided to get it. I must say I have enjoyed the poetry by Kenzie Ison, but I didn’t know that Valerie S. Ison had died.

For those of you who love cookbooks like I do, I would advise you to buy this book.

My son painted my bookcase and put some of my books away, and somehow I haven’t been able to find them, and I am missing the original Mountain Recipe cookbook. I’m sure I will find it someplace.

Years ago I loaned someone a book by Marie Day from Kingscreek that my mother had gotten for me. The book was never returned to me and the person even said she had bought it, which is not true.

Now the book is out of date and I don’t remember the name. It taught me a lesson, as I will not loan my books anymore.

I received a very nice letter from a longtime reader Deanna Brown who lives in Portland, Ore. Deanna grew up in Clintwood, Va., and her grandmother lives in Whitesburg. She sends Deanna a subscription of The Mountain Eagle. It really was such a pleasure to hear how much she enjoys The Eagle.

For some time I haven’t enclosed my address in my column so I am pleased to know she cared enough to keep my address. I really do miss hearing from readers so I think at the end of this column I will enclose it once again.

I haven’t talked to Les and Pat this week so I won’t be surprised to hear they decided to head to the mountains.

Ricky Caudill is starving me to death as his cousin Val Ison invited him to supper as she was fixing chicken livers and onions. Now that is all I can think of.

Oh well it will soon come to pass, as there’s so much I crave and have to get rid of the idea.

It is so hard to accept the fact I will never be able to eat food that I have lived on all my life. There’s times certain things get in my thoughts to torture me.

Vicki Power and I use to stop at LaRosa’s to share a steak hoagie or split a small pizza. Occasionally we would go to Olive Garden. Now I have to make sure there’s soup if I take a chance to eat out.

At least I am able to eat a little instead of just drinking a nutritional drink or have Jell-O or yogurt.

Vicki and I went to Good Samaritan Hospital to visit a friend. While there I helped her with her supper tray. She is on liquids, and so help me she had cream of chicken soup, tea, milk and grape juice.

I don’t understand why they didn’t at least give her Jell-O. I teased her that at least she had cream of chicken, and for so long all I got was chicken broth.

Hello to Mike and Marcia Caudill. I hope you are staying warm and dry.

Ricky Caudill shared a picture of the old homeplace with fog drifting in. Ricky has such a beautiful view where he lives.

My daughter Kay Gray along with her husband and several couples spent a few days in Nashville, Tenn. This is a place they frequent ever so often.

I would be satisfied just to head for the mountains I call home.

Happy birthday to my niece Sue Hall on Jan. 17.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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